They Are Calling This The Craziest Submission Escape In MMA History

    With a career consisting of 30 wins and 38 losses, Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett is something of an enigma in the sport of MMA. On a good day, Bennett is most often unstoppable. Striking and out-muscling opponents bigger than his 5ft 5 figure in the lightweight division with ease.

    They Are Calling This The Craziest Submission Escape In MMA History

    This fight is an insane example of this. During this particular fight, it could have been all over for Charles ‘Krazy Horse’ Bennett when he was nearly put into submission by his opponent. But as soon as Bennett flashed his shiny white teeth at the camera as if to say “are you ready for this?”, we all knew he, unsurprisingly, had got a trick up his sleeve.

    They Are Calling This The Craziest Submission Escape In MMA History

    Dubbed the craziest submission escape in MMA history. Bennett quickly performed a swift reversal and soon Krazy Horse was back in control. In line with his showmanship attitude, he flashed a quick ‘peace’ sign at the camera. Before performing an amazing intense helicopter slam.

    Even if you don’t believe this to be the craziest submission escape, it is certainly one to remember. But, many fans of MMA are confused as to why Krazy Horse’s opponent failed to let go of the inverted triangle.

    They Are Calling This The Craziest Submission Escape In MMA History

    A Crazy Showman

    Really, it’s a shame that various incidents outside of the Octagon mixed with poor showings inside of it have taken the shine away from the career of a fighter who is truly a talented individual. But, as we all know, he was, ever since he first laced up his gloves, and always will be a true showman.

    Evident not only from his smiles at the camera in this particular example, as if to say “hey watch this” before undertaking one of the craziest submission escapes in MMA. But also by his hilarious ‘peace’ sign at the camera before nearly taking off with his opponent.

    Not to mention that out-of-nowhere 2005 infamous moment. The one that saw Krazy Horse jump fellow fighter Cristiano Marcello after receiving trash-talk backstage at Pride Shockwave. In this particular instance, the viral video caused some controversy as there is a pause in the footage. Followed by a skip to Krazy Horse choking Marcello. Suspicious? Who knows.

    This showmanship attribute causes many to question why he didn’t make the move to the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). His character mixed with his talent could of had a big impact on the UFC world.

    “I mean we just watched a lightweight lift, spin, and slam his own bodyweight into the cage like it wasn’t anything. One fan stated. “I don’t think it’s an exaggeration at all to say he would’ve been pretty good if he cared about anything in life. No one is saying he would’ve been the GOAT but he was obviously a million dollar athlete with a 1 cent brain. Imagine if he at least had a thousand dollar brain. Lightweights aren’t supposed to be as powerful as he was in his prime.”

    But back to the escape. What do you think? Could this be the craziest submission escape in MMA history?

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