36 Ink Ideas for Tattoo-Loving Couples

Shirley Bassey sang “Diamonds Are Forever,” winking subtly at what men can do to show their love for a woman. And she was right: diamonds are indeed forever. Unless the woman suddenly decides to sell her diamonds for something better.

Nowadays, couples try to immortalize their love in a different way: ink. With the increasing popularity of tattoos, everyone is trying to get one. Tattoos are now part of the mainstream culture.

And with that, I would like to share some ideas for a couples tattoo.

1. Eternal Love
36 Ink Ideas for Tattoo-Loving Couples
Photo: Pinterest.com

Simple and elegant, sometimes all you need is two words that tie everything together. I like the cross design of “T” in eternal, adding a bit of a religious touch to the tattoo. And the fun part is that not everyone will fully understand your tattoo, as you have to be together for the tattoo to be complete.

2. The King and Queen

36 Ink Ideas for Tattoo-Loving Couples

Gone are the days of medieval culture; we live in an era where there aren’t many kings and queens. But that doesn’t mean you still can’t be one. If you view yourself as the King, and your female companion as your Queen, then absolutely go for it.

3. Compass and Anchor

36 Ink Ideas for Tattoo-Loving Couples

I love when a couples tattoo also works well individually. A compass and an anchor are each good tattoos on their own. They show the individuality of a person, but they also show how one is lost without his/her significant other.

4. Sun and Moon

36 Ink Ideas for Tattoo-Loving Couples

Khal Drogo and Khaleesi immortalized the sun and moon tattoo. And while this one isn’t taken from their iconic love in Game of Thrones, it’s still pretty close. The words even make the tattoo more romantic and personal.

5. Barcodes
36 Ink Ideas for Tattoo-Loving Couples
Photo: taginstant.com

Personally, I’m not much into barcode tattoos—I find them boring and unimaginative. But there are people who love them, and since Rihanna has one, why shouldn’t you? After all, she is a trendsetter.

6. Love Tattoo on Finger
36 Ink Ideas for Tattoo-Loving Couples
Photo: Pinterest.com

This one, on the other hand, looks awesome. Subtle, small, and just the right balance of cuteness and awesomeness. The symbol at the end adds a certain dose of flair to it.

7. The Missing Piece of the Heart
36 Ink Ideas for Tattoo-Loving Couples
Photo: majaolah.blogspot.com

The good thing about this tattoo is that nobody will know what your ink means. For example, the missing piece looks like just a piece of a puzzle.

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