Conor McGregor Offers To Fight Mark Wahlberg For UFC Shares

Conor McGregor may be done with the sport, but his battle for the UFC shares is far from over. 

The former featherweight and lightweight champion has recently decided to call it a career. Arguably the promotion’s biggest draw, he starred in the UFC’s three of the highest grossing pay-per-view events ever.

“The Notorious” returned to actions last October. He challenged the reigning champ, Khabib Nurmagomedov, in an attempt to reclaim his glory days.

As we all know, things did not go as plan for McGregor. He was submitted in the fourth round before an ugly brawl ensued. This cost him a $50 000-fine and a six-month suspension.

The Irish star has been linked to a fight with Donald Cerrone for his Octagon return. He said he would take the co-main event slot in exchange of company ownership, which Dana White said will not happen.

Now, McGregor is back at it again.

Conor McGregor Offers To Fight Mark Wahlberg For UFC Shares
(Photo: Instagram/Conor McGregor)

Conor McGregor Calls Out Mark Wahlberg

When the UFC was sold to Endeavor three years ago, Mark Wahlberg was one of the 23 celebrities who invested in the company’s shares.

With the promotion reaching unprecedented heights that year, the addition of these A-list personalities was a big boost to UFC’s growing appeal and global presence.

Back then, the 47-year old actor and producer promised McGregor to give him a piece of his shares, following his victory over Eddie Alvarez in New York.

“Cut the check. As a matter of fact, I’ll give him a piece of mine, because you know what, he’s the face of the UFC right now. But also, in business, you gotta cut the check.”

The former two-weight champ may not have forgotten Wahlberg’s promise. He just recently challenged the actor to a fight, with all the UFC shares on the line.

“I’ve decided to challenge Hollywood actress Mark Walhberg next. A fight for all the shares!” he wrote on Twitter.

He also vowed to smack him and his brothers, while throwing shade to Nurmagomedov and his team.

“I’ll smack him and his 4 brothers around. It wouldn’t be the first crew of brothers I’ve smacked around. Check the history books. The UFC history books.”

“Give Me My Shares”

It was not the first time “The Notorious” demanded a greater share of the UFC pie.

During a Q and A session in Chicago two weeks ago, he said he would only fight in a co-main event slot if the promotion grants him ownership of the company. (Quotes from MMA Mania)

“If the UFC wants me to slide into that co-main event slot and help, what that is, if I slide into the co-main event it’s boosting their brand over fighter rhetoric that they have.”

“There’s no problem with that. If they want me to push that and I have no problem pushing that, give me my rightful shares in the UFC company.”

“That’s all I ask. You can put me on the first fight of ESPN+ but just give me my shares. So, we’ll see what happens.”

But the UFC president has made it clear it’s not going to happen.

“Conor, you know that’s never going to happen.”

“If you want to own a piece of the company, you’d have to put up the money to buy a piece of the company.” 

“That’s how it works,” White Said.

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/Conor McGregor and Mark Wahlberg)

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