Conor McGregor Being Sued For Entire UFC 229 Paycheck

    So, if you can cast your mind back to UFC 223, where Khabib faced with Al Iaquinta after a few events were placed in jeopardy. You’ll remember the reasoning for a few of those cancellations. That’s right, the infamous Brooklyn Bus incident.

    When beef between Khabib and Conor’s teammate Artem was made public, Conor made it his mission to stick up for his buddy. However, this wasn’t sticking up for people as we would imagine. In Conor’s mind, attacking the bus Khabib and a bunch of other fighters were on was the way forward.

    Storming the bus with multiple of his goons and ending up smashing a window with a dolly, throwing Ray Borg and more importantly, Michael Chiesa off of the card. Michael Chiesa is currently in a legal battle with McGregor over the incident that threw off his weight cut and bout.

    In a recent report by TMZ Sports, Chiesa is apparently looking to take all of McGregor’s riches from his UFC 229 mega fight with Khabib.

    Chiesa is citing the New York state’s “Son of Sam” law which entails that someone convicted of a crime is not able to profit commercially because of their crimes. Meaning McGregors pay check from 229 would be called into question. Chiesa is also referring to the incident as a ‘pre-meditated publicity stunt’.

    The ex-lightweight fighter believes ‘The Notorious’ cost him a title shot, where he could’ve filled in for Ferguson for the vacant lightweight title, instead, Iaquinta took that shot.

    Chiesa filed a lawsuit against McGregor for ‘assault, battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Due to the cuts and lacerations that Chiesa acquired from the incident. However, that lawsuit had McGregor file a motion to dismiss it, saying Chiesa is a ‘seasoned combat fighter’ therefore he didn’t experience any emotional trauma nor physical.

    Chiesa had this to say regarding the case and incident.

    “My court case is about losing a title fight,”

    “I literally had a golden opportunity ripped out from me because of (McGregor).”

    McGregor, financially could lose the court case and still be better off than Chiesa due to his Whiskey tour etc. Regardless, it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

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