Video: Conor McGregor Punches Elderly Man In The Face After Whiskey Snub

A video of Conor McGregor sucker-punching an old man at an Irish pub has surfaced online.

According to footage obtained by TMZ Sports, the former UFC two-division champion had an altercation at the Marble Arch pub in Dublin, Ireland last April.

The report claimed that ‘The Notorious’ lost his cool when a bar patron refused to drink his Proper Whiskey 12.

The elderly man placed the glass away from him, but McGregor insisted on giving him another glass of whiskey, to which the man declined for the second time.

This did not sit well with the Irish star, which sparked a heated exchange of words inside the bar.

Fast forward to the three-minute mark of the video, McGregor is seen punching the elderly man in the face before leaving the bar as other patrons escorted him outside.

Watch the scene in the clip below:


The video quickly went viral on social media and the Irish star is now in hot water for yet another run-in with the law.

It was not the first time this year McGregor was involved in a controversial bar fight.

Last March, he was arrested and charged by the Miami police after stealing and smashing a fan’s mobile phone, who wanted to take a picture of him.

McGregor avoided jail time after reaching a settlement with the teenager.

As for the sucker-punching incident at a Dublin pub, previous reports said the local police has already conducted an investigation.

In December of 2018, the UFC’s biggest draw was accused of sexual assault as per a report by The New York Times.


Here is UFC President Dana White’s statement about the incident:

“That happened in April. I knew that happened, they just got the video. It’s pretty bad,” White told Jim Rome, per MMA Fighting.

“Not allegedly, it’s pretty clear [it’s him]. So apparently this was in a pub in Ireland and it was an argument over whiskey.”

“Conor has a whiskey now and it was an argument over the whiskey and Conor reaches out and hits him with a left hook.”

“I don’t know the context of it. I don’t know the entire story but he punches a guy, an older man, in the face.”

“When you deal with fighters, guys who fight for a living, there’s always something,”

“If you look at some of the greatest [fighters], [Mike] Tyson, what Tyson went through at his peak. Every time you take a guy who is a professional fighter and you sprinkle a ton of money on top of it, get ready.”

“Get ready for a disaster. Literally a disaster.”

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(Featured Image Source: YouTube/TMZ Sports)

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