Conor McGregor Teases UFC Return In Cryptic Tweet

‘The Notorious’ fighter seems to be ready to start his Octagon career up again after posting a cryptic message on Twitter. 

Conor McGregor recently replied to his own tweet from several years ago where he was urging UFC President Dana White to sign him up with the promotion. The Irish star says he is now preparing to write the “sequel” to that story.

Conor McGregor Teases UFC Return In Cryptic Tweet

McGregor Vs Cerrone

Previously, reports have pointed Donald Cerrone to be next in line for McGregor’s fighting comeback as he is still serving a six-month ban for his role in the UFC 229 post-fight melee. ‘Cowboy’ initially called out the Irish star for a match he would do even in McGregor’s soil.

The former champ-champ immediately gave his nod, with his manager Owen Roddy also saying it would surely be a fan-favourite rivalry. After a short while, Joe Rogan revealed on one of his UFC Fight Companion podcasts that it’s a ‘done deal as far as he knows.’

Though the former two-division champion used to be very selective of his past fights, he now has a six-fight UFC contract to fulfil; making it more likely for McGregor to take on fighters like “Cowboy.”

The American MMA veteran made a successful lightweight return after bringing his younger opponent, Alex Hernandez, to school with a second-round stoppage at UFC Brooklyn. Shortly after the win, Cerrone called out McGregor as he eyes a top-five opponent for his next outing. 

“The old man has still got it. This is the fight that the UFC wanted. I wanted [a] top- 5 [opponent]. I want Conor [McGregor] if he’ll agree to it. I’m coming for a belt. Cowboy is back,” the 35-year-old fighter said in the post-fight interview.

Not Even Close

Despite these speculations, UFC President Dana White shut down Rogan’s statement, saying that both camps have yet to reach a final agreement for a future showdown.


Meanwhile, the former two-division champion has hinted an upcoming mixed martial arts return after saying that he is starting another sequel to signing up with the UFC in 2013.

“Any word on a contract Dana?? You need to SIGN me! I’VE SO MANY SHOTS IN MY BOOK, I COULD WRITE A TRILOGY!!” McGregor wrote in a 2013 tweet to which he now replied: “Just about to get the sequel started…” 

McGregor’s last Octagon appearance happened in October after he tapped out in the fourth round of his title match against Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 229. For his involvement in the ugly brawl that took place after the pay-per-view event, the Irishman was given a six-month ban and $50,000 fine.

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