Report: Conor McGregor Impersonator In Hospital After Being Attacked

Viral internet personalities get instantly famous with sensational uploads, putting themselves into the limelight — and sadly, in danger as well.  

Islam Badurgov made waves online in 2017 after impersonating UFC’s most famous fighter Conor McGregor quite well. A year after being a trending McGregor look-a-like, he shifted from bodybuilding to training MMA, making friends with ‘The Notorious’ himself.


However, a recent update on Badurgov wasn’t about him making his MMA debut yet. Social network reports say he is currently recovering from an unknown attack that had him hospitalised. Among other things, the caption of Badurgov’s video posted by MMA TEAM DAGESTAN highlighted how Islam supports the former two-division champion, being on his team when the viral bus attack containing Khabib Nurmagomedov happened.

In case you missed it, McGregor incited a melee on April 5 when he and his entourage stormed into Brooklyn’s Barclays Center following UFC 223’s media day. He hurled a hand truck through the window of a UFC bus carrying the lightweight champion and other more fighters.

The assault ultimately left several fighters injured, forcing UFC contenders Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg to withdraw from their respective UFC 223 fights as a result. Though there isn’t a single detail on the callisthenics expert’s attack aside from the Twitter video, associating it with his McGregor impersonation and this year’s bus controversy is hard to avoid.

Conor’s Double

People have recognised Islam’s striking similarity to the Irish star after he emigrated from Kazakhstan to Los Angeles. He would then receive comments from people that he looked just like Conor McGregor.

For this reason, the bodybuilder decided to do a ‘prank’ on people in LA by pretending he was UFC fighter, even having the Conor’s tattoos drawn on his body. In an interview Islam said:

“People started to comment, ‘Conor’s double, Conor’s double, Conor’s double.’ I thought, ‘ok, we’ll believe that. Let’s give it a try,’ as they say. They tattooed me for six hours. From 7 in the morning to 1 in the afternoon I was getting tattoos done with makeup.”

The attack on Islam may or may not be pertinent to being the Irish star’s look-a-like, but McGregor’s influence isn’t something to brush off.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Workout Badurgov and Twitter/MMA TEAM DAGESTAN

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