Colby Covington Explains Why Title Fight Against Kamaru Usman Is Not Happening

The welterweight title shot remains elusive for Colby ‘Chaos’ Covington.

Covington solidified his chances for title-contention after beating Robbie Lawler in the main event of UFC Newark as he stretched his winning streak to seven fights.

After this win, he promised to destroy Kamaru Usman in their upcoming title fight, which was scheduled to headline the UFC 244 pay-per-view event in New York.

But just when Covington thought he will be fighting the current champion this November, the UFC said it will ‘explore other options’ as the negotiations for the fight hits a snag.

ESPN’s Ariel Helwani reported last Friday that the promotion was looking for a  new challenger for Usman or a new main event bout for UFC 244.

Then the following day, it was announced that Nate Diaz and Jorge Masvidal will be officially headlining UFC 244, leaving the Usman vs Covington fight out of the discussion.

Financial Issue

Speaking to MMA Fighting on Monday, Covington explained how things played out during the negotiation for the November fight, claiming that the UFC gave him an unacceptable offer.

“What happened exactly was the UFC came to me and offered me a basic challenger’s rate,”

“I said no, I’m not challenging. I’m champion. I’ve never lost, I just defended my title. I brought in the Trumps. I got a tweet from [Donald] Trump, that’s like $3.5 million in marketing.”

“If you break down the analytics of it, in itself, just to promote their show.”

According to Covington, his decision to turn down the ‘entry fee type’ offer was his way of standing up for what is right.

“I’ve put my life on the line for this company. Went to Brazil, said outlandish things where people literally wanted to kill me and I had gangs in favelas coming after me and they still want to come at me with this basic challenger, entry fee type money?”

Crazy And Corrupt

Covington, then, revealed that the money he is going to make at UFC 244 would be less than he earned in his fight against Lawler last month.

“They didn’t give me a negotiation. They said ‘take this or we’ll just move onto someone else’. That’s not negotiating.”

“That’s bad business and if that’s how they want to do business, that’s their problem. That’s not my problem,”

“They came with those hostage negotiations. They come and say ‘take this offer or we’ll just move onto the next person’. That’s not how negotiating works.”

“That is accurate. It’s crazy, it’s corrupt and it’s not right.”

Furthermore, Covington stressed that Usman was the real issue on why the fight did not come to light after he did not agree to any details of the deal, including the date and location.

“They went from me to Jorge [Masvidal] to someone else and he turned all of them down. The issue is not me. I want to fight, I’m ready to fight. I’m healthy to fight.”

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/MMA Superboy and Instagram/Kamaru Usman)

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