Colby Covington Vows To Leave Kamaru Usman ‘Crippled’ In November Title Fight

Colby Covington is not just aiming to dethrone Kamaru Usman this November but is also serious in leaving the reigning champion ‘crippled’ after their title fight.

The former interim champion earned a shot for the welterweight championship after defeating Robbie Lawler last month, which marked his seventh-straight win since June 2016.

Though hated by many fans for his WWE-like antics, this impressive streak of victories, which includes wins over two former UFC champions, proves that he is a perfect shoo-in for title-contention.

Covington’s next opponent, Usman, punched his way to becoming the first African-born UFC champion, following a dominant win over Tyron Woodley at UFC 235.

The Covington-Usman rivalry, which started with a near brawl at a Las Vegas casino last March, will headline the UFC 244 in New York this November.

The current welterweight champion has revealed that fans have been urging him to ‘kill’ Covington in their title fight.

But Colby Covington has other plans in mind.

Long Overdue

In a recent interview with MMA Fighting, Covington said he is really excited to lock horns with Usman as his team has been wanting this fight since the African champ rolled over the American Top team fighters in 2015.

“I can’t wait to bury that guy.”

“Me and Dan Lambert were calling for that fight as soon as he won ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ and he beat my teammates at American Top Team. We were begging for that fight and him and Glenn [Robinson] turned that fight down.”

He then laid out the storylines for this welterweight clash before calling Usman the ‘CNN of the UFC’ for faking an injury at UFC 235.

“It’s time to unify my belt with Marty Fakenewsman.”

“This fight has so many angles. The Palms buffet line, look at Marty Fakenewsman, he was faking an injury when he fought [Tyron] Woodley.”

“He’s in a wheelchair after the fight with Woodley, acting like he’s hurt getting wheelchaired to the press conference and eight hours later he’s jumping me in the Palms buffet line, jumping over barricades, pushing a pregnant late out of the way to get to me.”

“It just shows how fake he is. He’s the CNN of the UFC.”

Nowhere To Go

With Covington brimming with motivations, he guarantees that there will be no escape for Usman as he plans to destroy him at UFC 244.

“I’m seriously going to leave that dude f—king crippled. I’m going to f—k that dude up.”

“It’s too bad he was running from me for so many years. Now he has no choice. It’s either you fight me or you don’t fight at all.”

“You lose your No. 1 contender belt and we don’t hear from you anymore and the world figures out the coward that you really are. He’s got nowhere to go.”

“It’s put up or shut up.”

Who do you see winning this title fight? Will the UFC crown a new champion in November? Or will Usman retain it?

(Featured Image Source: Instagram/Colby Covington and Kamaru Usman)

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