Colby Covington Shreds Ben Askren: “I’m At The Top Of The UFC Mountain”

Ben Askren is calling out Colby Covington for a potential UFC debut, but “Chaos” thinks it’s a labour in vain. 

It has just been a day since the UFC and ONE Championship revealed what may be a historic trade deal between undisputed Askren and former flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson. Though it’s not yet confirmed, the welterweight titleholder wasted no time in stating who he wants to fight under the world’s biggest MMA company.

Askren built up his possible entry to the UFC by calling out a number of welterweights to welcome him with a fight. He initially set his sights on interim welterweight champion Covington, who has been fancying a match against UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

Taking it to Twitter, Askren wrote:

@ColbyCovMMA might get beat up by @TWooodley first but I’m calling dibs on whipping him next. He is despicable.”

“Piping Up The Wrong Tree” 

The interim champ noticed Askren’s call out but immediately sent him packing, giving no merit in the welterweight titlist’s fighting record. In an interview with FloCombat Covington stated:

“I don’t really have too [many] thoughts on it. He’s piping up the wrong tree, he’s asking for this big fight and he’s never won a fight in the top 50 let alone the top 20.”

“He’s trying to prove himself by calling me out but I’m America’s champ. My skills got me to the White House. Where the hell has that loser ever been? Nowhere. He’s not been anywhere.”

“Where have his skills taken him? Malaysia? That’s really cool. He ain’t ready for the big cities and the bright lights. I just sold out the United Center like Michael Jordan. 15,000 plus were on their feet in Chicago to witness greatness.”

“Nothing Impresses Me”

Continuing the trash talk, Covington said:

“That needle dick can’t get 15 people into an Asian bingo hall. They gave him away for a midget for Christ’s sake. There’s levels to this shit.”

“Nothing about Ben Askren impresses me. He’s a one-dimensional fighter. He’s never hurt a fly. He hasn’t beat[en] anybody relevant. He hasn’t beat[en] anybody top 50 in the world. If he proves himself and works his way up, he’s an easy payday for me but he’s not a draw. No one gives a f*ck about him. If he wants to come to the big boy’s league, he’s been in the little boy’s league, but you’re going to have to work your way up.

“I’m not reaching to the bottom of the mountain to pick guys up anymore. I’m at the top of the UFC mountain. You’ve got to earn your way up. I’m not helping you. If you work your way up, don’t worry buddy, I’ll leave you unconscious and we’ll send you back to the prelims where you [belong].”

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/UFC and Youtube/MMARocks

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