Cinderella foot surgery: The Latest Trend to make your Feet More Beautiful

Any woman who has ever gone out in heels, danced all night, and had some amazing time, knows the agony when she comes back. It is all milk and honey while you are out. But the moment you come back home, you just cannot wait to throw your heels out.

Such is the world for women. Some women are not lucky enough to have feet that can fit into designer shoes and heels. Bony bump and painful bunion can sometimes prevent you from wearing high heels. The question arises, “Can you do something?”

In the past few years, foot surgery to make feet smaller, also known as Cinderella foot surgery, is rising up the ranks. Women nowadays are ready to do whatever it takes so that they can fit in their designer shoes.

The surgery, known medically as bunionplasty, is a cosmetic surgery that corrects the bony bump on the side of the foot. That allows women to get back into their designer heels.

According to Wendy Lewis, the author of “Plastic Makes Perfect”, foot surgery and foot beautification is the next big thing. The trend is directly related to the shoes we wear.

The foot beautification trend started with just toe shortenings. However, customer demand in the last few years has expanded to many more ways that improve the look of the feet. Some of them include foot facelifts, toe tucks, foot narrowing, and much more.

The latest trend is the Cinderella surgery, which involves slimming down of fat toes through liposuction and surgery. You can be sure Cinderella’s sisters would love to had this surgery back in the days. They could have easily fit into the magic shoe.

The reality is that we live in a world where image is important, and with that in mind, cosmetic surgery will stay here for a long time. People are obsessed with image, beauty, and glamour, and the cosmetic surgery is taking advantage of that. And the Cinderella foot surgery is even practical. The surgery improves the function of the foot. Once you remove bunions and add fat to the pa of the foot, you reduce pain and improve your mobility.

And while cosmetic surgeons are praising the Cinderella foot surgery, the American Orthopedic foot and Ankle Society is not fan of the procedure. The organization has voiced its opinion several times, claiming the surgery can lead to foot complication like nerve damage, scaring, chronic pain while walking, infection, and bleeding.

However, the warnings by the society haven’t discouraged people from going under the knife. As long as you have the money to spend, and you are self-conscious about your feet, it is your choice to undergo the Cinderella surgery or not.

What is the Cinderella surgery?

Just so that you have an idea of what happens during the procedure, here are some procedures that happen with the Cinderella surgery:

– Toe shortening, as surgeons remove a piece of the bone at the joint of contraction in the toe and then realign the toe. The process can reduce the shoe size by one or two sizes

– Fat injections, as surgeons take fat from another part of your body, usually the back, and then inject it into the soles of the feet creating cushion at the base of the feet. This makes walking and wearing heels more comfortable

– Foot shaving, or osteotomy, removing the bunions through a method that involves cutting the joint of the big toe and realigning it or removing it

– Last, but not least, surgeons inject Botox into the feet to remove wrinkles and prevent fungal growth

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