Chuck Liddell Savages The Life Out Of Tito Ortiz On Instagram


Golden Boy MMA signed up a trilogy fight between one of the sport’s biggest rivalries — Liddell vs Ortiz. Despite absorbing


Counting the days down to their much-awaited bout, ‘The Iceman’, on the other hand, decides to troll his opponent with a series of ‘confusing’ interviews on Instagram. Liddell created a meme out of Ortiz’s ‘life goal’ to outlive his children on the most recent upload captioned:

“People keep asking why we hate each other so much?! Bottom line: We are just completely different people. After I am done with him on Saturday…”

“I’m not so sure he is gonna reach this goal. I’m not saying Tito is a bad father by any means but, remember this is the dude that says I can’t even finish a sentence.”

Training Enough

Looks like 48-year-old Liddell did a thorough research to discover these jumbled statements from his long-standing opponent. In another post, Ortiz is apparently asked about the level of training he is doing ahead of the Liddell fight and responded with:

“I train 6 days a week, 5 days a week, I train 3 days a week… One of those days I will train 3 days of a week, so 6 days of a week I’ll be training.”

‘The Iceman’ sarcastically shames his rival’s unclear statement by playing impressed at how the 43-year-old is overtraining for their upcoming bout.

“Do you think he is training enough for me? According to this video, he may be overtraining… I’m impressed…. Unless someone can translate for me again. Thank you in advance.”


The pride of San Luis Obispo didn’t stop there. On his initial upload, Chuck questioned a clip of Tito’s interview where he hinted the size of his paycheck while also saying he’s fighting ‘The Iceman’ for free.

“Wait!??? So is he fighting for free? Or is he doing a rev share? Can someone please translate one more time? All comments are appreciated below.”


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Chuck Liddell and Instagram/Tito Ortiz

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