Fans Are Worried About Chuck Liddell After Seeing The Post-Fight Press Conference

Fans Are Worried About Chuck Liddell After Seeing The Post-Fight Press Conference
UFC and MMA legend Chuck Liddell refused to retire after being KO’d by Tito Ortiz at last night’s Golden Boy MMA show

It was a rough night for fans of MMA, even if you weren’t a fan of Chuck Liddell. Tough to watch and probably not the best thing right now for MMA, but Chuck Liddell vs. Tito Ortiz happened anyway…

During the strangest fight of 2018, and that’s saying something when a Shaolin monk fights a 7ft2 giant, Chuck Liddell and Tito Ortiz faced off for the third time in their storied careers. Sadly, it was just as depressing as most of us thought it would be.

Nearing 50 years of age, “The Iceman” had been retired for nearly nine years and it showed against Ortiz last night. Chuck Liddell left the sport as a legend, and remains so, but even back in 2010 he was coming off three straight knockout losses. It was difficult to see back then but even harder to watch last night.

Chuck Liddell Would Not Retire Even After This Brutal Loss

During the post fight press conference, as per, “The Iceman” refused to retire. His rival Tito, however, did call it a day on his fighting career.

“Am I supposed to give a speech now? Thank you everyone for showing up, sorry about my performance. Tito came prepared great job. I was in great shape, ready to go and he was a better man tonight so there it is.”

“I love being in there, I love fighting. I’m not really in the right state of mind to talk about whether I am done or not, but it felt good out there, I had fun so we’ll see. I feel great right now, I am fine.”

“I don’t think it was a bad knockout, I’m fine.”

Time To Retire, Chuck

Obviously, the fans on Reddit MMA and social media were not keen on this notion of Chuck Liddell fighting on more. After so many years out, and now his brutal knockout loss against Ortiz, Liddell’s followers just want him to retire again:

“And he got Ko’d by Tito it wasn’t even a sub or anything Tito outstruck him. Hang em up chuck, we love you legend.”

“This needs to immediately be stopped. There was no fun for Chuck. He looked fucking awful.”

“I really hope Dana is like chuck here is a million dollars. I’m giving it to you in increments each year for the rest of your life and investing in a low-risk fund it so it lasts. this was so sad.”

“2 days ago it was “if I can’t beat Tito I shouldn’t be in there” Ffs take the hint”

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