16 Celebrities Workout Routines – How they Stay in Shape

We see celebrities on magazine covers, on red carpet, in photo shoots, and we crave for their body. While it is true that photoshop (picture editing application), as well as some cosmetic surgery and botox play a role, the reality is that celebrities, same as us, have a hard time staying in shape. Looking perfect requires a ton of effort, from workout routines, to strict diets and so much more. That being said, let’s take a look at several celebrities routines that Hollywood A-listers have used to look slim and fit.

Jennifer Aniston

The former Friends star has stayed in shape thanks to yoga. Yes, that mind and spirit workout. People wrongly think yoga is just something you do to stay relaxed. In reality, yoga can help shape your body, burn fat, and form muscles just as good as any other routine. Jennifer is following a strict program made especially for her by celebrity trainer Mandy Ingber.

Sofia Vergara

The Latin beauty has the body most women would kill for. She is a dream come true, and in order to get there, Sofia is following a strict diet regime, eating mostly vegetables and fruits. In addition, she goes through extreme dance lessons (part of a cardio workout) and pilates exercises (strength building workout).

Keri Russell

16 Celebrities Workout Routines – How they Stay in Shape
Photo: Women’s Health

Keri portrayed the character of Felicity in the Felicity series from 1998 to 2002, and since then, her beautiful body has been aspiration for women across the world. She has shared her workout with Women’s Health Magazine, saying that for the most part, she is doing three sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise. Some of the exercises she recommends are striking squats, elbow striking squats, lunging defensive knees, self-defense pushup, and 360 kick. You can read more on her workout here.

Maria Menounos

Maria is a professional wrestler, actress, journalist and television host. With so many professions, one would ask how does she find time to stay in shape? By hiring a personal trainer that helps her exercise. Her workout includes exercises for hamstrings, triceps, lower and upper back. The key to the workout is to lengthen her middle section, which strengthens her abs. She does her exercise routine three times per week, with 20 reps for each move. There is no stopping between exercises, which is a rule in circuit workout.

Kate Hudson

For Kate Hudson, it is all about consistency and working out each and every day. The Hollywood actress makes sure to get 20 to 40 minute workout each and every day. She has said repeatedly that you don’t have to work out for two hours to get in shape, as long as you repeat your exercises consistently.

Elsa Pataky

16 Celebrities Workout Routines – How they Stay in Shape
Photo: Women’s Health

As a Spanish (Latino) model, Elsa is predisposed to having a great butt. But her secret is not just working out, but focusing on your butt while working out. Elsa says that when you work out for 30 minutes per day, you’ll get results, as long as you are focused on the task.  Her five moves for firm and bigger butt include: step lunge, single leg glute bridge, alternating superman, low lateral band walk, low squats.

Reese Witherspoon

16 Celebrities Workout Routines – How they Stay in Shape
Photo: worldlifestyle.com

Reese is into running, and running a lot. She has run a marathon, but also did a triathlon with her daughter in 2011. When it comes to working out, Reese is fan of working out with friends.

Kate Beckinsale

Kate is another celebrity that is into yoga. She definitely has legs to kill for, and she credits yoga for keeping her in shape. Same as Aniston, Beckinsale follows the program by professional trainer Mandy Ingber. Her favorite set is: down dog split with knee drives, lunge switchback, crow pose, and temple pose to plié squat. Two or three sets is what Mandy recommends, five days per week.

Karlie Kloss

When you are a Victoria’s Secret Angel, you have to stay in shape. To do so, Karlie likes to experiment and try new things. She changes her routine from time to time, but she mostly focuses on pilates, ballet, SoulCycle and running.

Scott Eastwood

You might know Scott from the mega popular movie Gran Torino, or you might know him from another movie. But the fact of the matter is, Eastwood has one of the best bodies in the world of men in Hollywood. The first thing he notes is that you “cannot outwork bad nutrition”. So proper diet, in combination with some unique workouts like surfing and juijitsu is what keeps Scott in shape. Also, he loves cardio exercises like swimming and running. For his strength, Eastwood lifts weights.

Jillian Michaels

When you are a personal trainer, you ought to look good. Jillian is responsible for keeping celebrities in firm and fit shape, but she has also become a celebrity in recent years. She relies on her “bodyshred” program, a 30 day program that includes high intensity and fat-burning exercises, as well as strength and muscle building program. In other words, she combines pilates and yoga with mixed martial arts and gymnastics.

Kourtney Kardashian

16 Celebrities Workout Routines – How they Stay in Shape
Photo: worldlifestyle.com

Her favorite exercise is the plank, and Kourtney makes sure to use different variations to strengthen every part of her core. For example, she likes to move her hips up and down for higher intensity while in plank position.

Vanessa Hudgens

16 Celebrities Workout Routines – How they Stay in Shape
Photo: Shape

A simple, yet effective exercise is something that helps Vanessa stay in shape. The simple exercise is box jump, a go-to exercise for butt and legs. Just stand in front of a box, with your feet shoulder width apart, and your arms besides your body. Squat, and then jump onto the box. Step down, return to initial position, and repeat. Do 20 to 25 reps per day.


As with other celebrities, Pink also has a go-to move to work her core. The simple exercise works your abs, core, and legs. Start on the floor, lying on your back and your legs extended over your hips. Place your hands behind your head and crunch up. While you are crunching, lift your head and shoulders, but lower your left leg as you rotate to the right. Your left elbow and right knee should almost touch. Return to initial position and repeat to the other side.

Lea Michele

16 Celebrities Workout Routines – How they Stay in Shape
Photo: worldlifestyle.com

Lea enjoys food as much as the next person, with grilled cheese sandwich among her favorites. What she strives is make her workout as fun and as enjoyable as possible. She runs the treadmill, and listens to music while doing so. She has only one rule: never listen her own songs while running.

Shannon Decker

The secret to Shannon’s body is interval training. What is interval training? Interval training is when the intensity of your workout goes up, down, up, down and so on. For example, you start slow, then you have a quick interval of burst and high intensity, and then you return to slow. To understand, let’s say you run. Run slowly for 10 minutes, then add one minute of sprinting, then go back to slowly running for 10 minutes. Interval training can also be used for aerobics, yoga and everything else. According to Decker, interval training is the best way to burn calories while toning your body.

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