54 Career Tattoos for Those Who Love What They Do

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  1. I have been in my profession for 14 years. I am now licensed and can honestly say it is my life’s work. But, in the position I am in now, my reputation generally precedes me. I need no billboard propping up my otherwise fragile ego. However, in so many of these examples I get a strong vibe of insecurity, much like people who stalk their own posts to see the likes roll in. For instance, a doctor needs no reinforcement. He’s “the man” or she’s “a boss” almost by definition. However, a young nurse’s aid might feel devalued and thus might use a tattoo to reaffirm their commitment to the profession. It’s a sad place to be in. And if that aid some day becomes nursing supervisor, she/ he will still have a reminder of the pangs they felt at the bottom. I wonder how these tats age, psychologically. Is a reminder of the bottom the sweetest thing about making it to the top? Is it overkill to get c ocky when you’ve already made it?

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