Guy Shows Chubby Neighbour No Mercy in Trailer Park Brawl

    Guy Shows Chubby Neighbour No Mercy in Trailer Park Brawl
    If you think this is a simple argument, it’s not. (Photo:

    Oh the usual property issue 

    Disputes over where the size of someone’s property should end and not include trespassers in it are a usual story in the neighbourhood. But this one’s a little different for these guys brought it to an ass-kicking level of argument.

    Somewhere around the world, a trailer park dispute went violent after a guy dressed in a white tank top tried to tell a smaller dude that he’s stepping on the wrong property.

    “You’re on my property!” the guy in white with a big round belly repeatedly says. He is claiming that another person is invading his space by stepping foot on it.

    Meanwhile, the allegedly trespassing man has a pretty muffled voice in the clip, but he’s undoubtedly not buying his rival’s argument. He is even asking the people around if they think the man in front of him indeed owns what he claims to be his.

    Guy Shows Chubby Neighbour No Mercy in Trailer Park Brawl
    Weapon on use: Tummy. (Photo:

    Oops, something physical is going on here

    He answers him, “No I’m not. See this [referring to what seem’s to be a ventilator] it’s attached to that [trailer house]”

    The guy in white finally speaks what he’s pissed about. He says:

    “You throw sh*t on here, f*cking like it’s a godd*mn dump?”

    As they continue to argue, the property-claiming dude is slowly shrinking his rival’s space, pressing him closer to the trailer’s wall. Uh-oh. This is starting to get dirty as they proceed in throwing bad-mouths against each other.

    Guy Shows Chubby Neighbour No Mercy in Trailer Park Brawl
    Surely made him dizzy. (Photo:


    And in an instant, the guy in tank top dropped what seemed to be the bomb that started the war. He slapped the guy in black hard!

    But he’ll surely regret it because the guy in black came back with a powerful takedown! This bloke has some MMA moves in his pocket!

    The dude in white is a lot thicker than he is but he didn’t mind. I think it’s called trusting your skills because size doesn’t matter when you’re properly trained.

    After the successful takedown, the thinner man showered the guy below him with solid strikes on the face! You don’t need to be an MMA fan to know they hurt well.

    Guy Shows Chubby Neighbour No Mercy in Trailer Park Brawl
    They are giving us a good show though. (Photo:

    And then the list of their assaults against each other continues ’til the 3-minute video is almost reaching its end. It’s the guy in black that’s getting nearly all the judges points though.

    Unexpectedly after a while, a group of cops came with tasers pulled, and the video went off.

    What’s funny is that a couple is watching from their front door, but they don’t care a bit. I think this is how it will go once you’ve gone tired of your neighbours clashing every day.


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