Kid Destroys Bigger ‘Bully’ With a Sucker Punch and Double Leg

    Kid Destroys Bigger 'Bully' With a Sucker Punch and Double Leg
    Can you predict who’ll win a fight between these boys? (Photo: Urban Fit & Fearless Youtube)

    Big doesn’t mean strong 

    We usually can’t predict how fights are going to end based on the sizes of a fighting pair. Nevertheless, brawls that prove our judgements wrong are some of the most exciting ones. Not to mention they’re not inside the ring.

    Inside a supposed school premise, a video emerged showing a taller young man picking at a boy who’s a lot smaller than he is.

    Though no insult was audible, the presumption is that the guy with the longer legs is murmuring something to the boy that’s making him mad. Also, there is another person behind the camera who clearly knows that something will be up.

    You see, no one will take a video of two guys complimenting each other at school.

    Kid Destroys Bigger 'Bully' With a Sucker Punch and Double Leg
    On why he’s doing this, I have no idea. (Photo: Urban Fit & Fearless Youtube)

    Taking off your shorts in front of a ‘bully’

    Meanwhile, voices of the students inside the place went louder when the smaller bloke was taking off his shorts. Not to embarrass himself in front of the others because he surely knows what he’s doing. He has another pair under it.

    The bigger guy laughed at the sight of his ‘opponent’ removing shorts before his eyes. You don’t need to be a bully or be bullied to know that the laugh is indeed insulting.

    Kid Destroys Bigger 'Bully' With a Sucker Punch and Double Leg
    What did he just do?! (Photo: Urban Fit & Fearless Youtube)

    Punched the daylight out of the big boy at school!

    And in an eye bat, the smaller but thicker boy threw a sucker punch! That sure hurts. But it’s not yet his best hit because he took down the bully double-leg and they ended on the floor.

    The raging young man whacked his bully’s face again while he was under him. That’s another strike that surely made the tall dude see three stars rotating over his head.

    This isn’t meant to encourage violence between students though. In the footage, the bigger guy hit the chair with his back when he’s taken down. That can be a dangerous assault on him regardless of what he said to the aggressive man.

    Watch his brave act below:

    Thankfully though, the double-leg takedown boy stopped with that last punch and made his way out the scene. He can still destroy that guy he just slammed to the floor, but he didn’t. He just left him holding his temples tight and wondering how he lost to a guy he’s been literally looking down to.

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