20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY’s

You know I love DIY projects and renovations. Today, I want to talk a little about remodeling the bathroom. One thing DIY projects allow you to do is to transform an old piece of furniture into something new. That’s the magic and beauty of DIY projects.

I want to stress the importance of the bathroom, as it is the room where we maintain our hygiene. That being said, getting a new look for the bathroom is cheaper than you might think.

Now, I know you won’t use all of the projects I list here. However, I am fairly certain that you can find something you can use. Or at least that can inspire you to try and remodel your bathroom.

1. Dresser to Vanity 
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: littlevintagenest.com

Let’s start with something simple. All you have to do here is to move the dresser from your bedroom to your bathroom (assuming that you don’t need the dresser anymore!). And of course, you have to repaint the dresser. A dark brown color isn’t suitable for the clean and neat look of the bathroom.

2. Master Bathroom Renovation Idea
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: prettyinspirational.blogspot.com

We go to a more complicated and larger project here. The first thing you notice is that the big cabinet is gone in the second picture (we want to keep the bathroom as simple and as clean as possible). You don’t need extra furniture. And I must note that the towels are much better organized in the “after” photo.

3. Painting Cabinets
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: livelovediy.com

If you can’t afford to buy new furniture, you can always repaint the old furniture. Painting is the simplest and cheapest way to remodel the bathroom. You might want to change the tiles as well. But sometimes, you can just repaint it. White is arguably the best color for the bathroom.

4. Framed Shelves
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: iheartnaptime.net

I’ve also written an article on how to save space in the bathroom, and framed shelves is one of the ideas I showed there. You can’t argue with the fact that these shelves save a ton of space in your bathroom. And they look good above your toilet seat, too.

5. Tub to Shower Project
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: isavea2z.com

I switched from a tub to a shower several years ago. I just love the space I got in the bathroom. Yes, showers might not be as comfortable as tubs. You can’t lie in the shower for hours. And you can’t get that spa treatment. But for practical purposes, showers are much better. You get a quick 10-minute shower and you’re done.

6.  Upgrading Light Fixtures
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: rathersquare.com

Lights are another easy, inexpensive way to upgrade your bathroom (or any room, for that matter). Lights are not expensive to change, and you can find some that will completely change the style and look of your bathroom.

7. Bathtub Spa Bench
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: domesticdiehard.blogspot.com

I said previously that I switched to a shower for practical purposes. But I know there are people who just love the tub, so I want to give you an idea how you can upgrade your bathroom tub. This way, you can make the experience even more comfortable.

8. Rustic Bathroom Decor
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: thepinktumbleweed.com

Rustic is one of those styles that can fit any room. And it’s easy to change a room’s style to rustic. All you need is some wooden accessories and elements. I can personally guarantee that this remodeling job won’t take a toll on your wallet.

9. Mason Jar Bathroom Storage and Accessories 
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: masonjarcraftslove.com

Mason jars are another subject I’ve written on—there’s no better “ingredient” for quick DIY projects. Their versatility allows them to fit in any room. In the bathroom, there are quite a few things you can do with mason jars. Check out some of them!

10. Bathtub Upgrade with Airstones
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: marifasanaro.wordpress.com

Again, this is another remodeling job that will change the style of your bathroom. Airstones are very close to the rustic look we talked about earlier. Airstones provide that warm and comfortable feeling most of us crave.

11. Easy Drawer Organization Solution
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: organizedmom.net

I’ve been told that I am very organized, and that’s true—I want to keep my things organized and clean so that I know where to find them at any moment. Now, I know some people excel in the chaos. But most of us want clean and organized drawers. You don’t need much to achieve that elusive feeling.

12. Crown Molding Shelves 
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: kevinandamanda.com

Think of this as another project for saving space in the bathroom. And also, another one for organizing your bathroom essentials.

13. Pebble Shower Floor
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: somethingfromnothingdiy.blogspot.com

When I switched to a shower few years ago, I had several ideas for what to do with the shower floor. I went the simple and clean way, but if you want to make it playful and more interesting, this is definitely an idea to ponder.

14. Framing a Bathroom Mirror
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: amomstake.com

We all need a mirror in our bathroom. Some are happy with a smaller mirror, some want a big one. I belong to the former group, but for those who want a big mirror in the bathroom, here is a way to make that happen.

15. Painting Laminate Floors
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: belladwella.blogspot.com

I said previously that painting the furniture in the bathroom is the cheapest and easiest way to remodel the room. Another way is to paint the laminate flooring. I know most people have tiles in the bathroom. But there are some with laminate flooring, and I need to give them an idea as well.

16. Faux Floating Shelves 
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: mommysuite.com

I’ve said a number of times when writing about saving space in a room—any room—that floating shelves are the best way to get extra storage. And they look stunningly awesome. You can chose to store just one item on them and make them more visually appealing. Or you can store everything you can find.

17. Countertop Granite Makeover with Contact Paper
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: ourpeacefulplanet.com

People often ask me how to change their countertop. It can be a pricey investment, but I always tell them there is a simple and easy way to do it. Here is one of those ideas for remodeling your countertop.

18. Painting a Faux Granite Countertop
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: mrsbomb.com

Speaking of the countertop, I also want to share an idea to make it look luxurious. Some people love simplicity, while some people want extraordinary and extravagant. And there is nothing wrong in that. We have ideas for both.

19. Spray Paint Shower Fixtures 
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: blesserhouse.com

This is definitely one of the cheapest tricks for “remodeling” your bathroom. Spray paint is extremely cheap, and you can change the color of all fixtures and faucets. The standard silver color is not very visually appealing. Black, on the other hand, brings some drama and excitement.

20. Painting Bathroom Tiles
20 Budget-Friendly Bathroom Renovation DIY's
Photo: nelliebellie.com

With the tiles being one of the central parts of the bathroom, I wanted to finish the list with them. Changing the tiles in the bathroom is a pricey investment. It can cost you a fortune to find a handyman to change all your tiles. And you need to buy the new tiles as well. But if you “repaint” them, it will cost you almost nothing.

I hope you enjoyed this list and found some inspiration for bathroom DIY projects!

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