The Most Brutal Flying Knee Knockout In MMA History

To consider this flying knee knockout from Tywan Claxton as the most brutal in MMA history is no hyperbole.

Once in the mixed martial arts chronicle, a flying knee from Bellator’s Tywan Claxton left his opponent unconscious within 90 seconds of the game. The 25-year-old fighter was on his professional debut fight when he laid Jonny Bonilla-Bowman cold on the mat with a historic move.

The Most Brutal Flying Knee Knockout In MMA History
Source: Twitter/Bellator

Was there a better way to make yourself known in mixed martial arts than this?

Claxton, holding an amateur record of 7-0, made his pro debut with a Bellator 186 featherweight match against 31-year-old Bowman in November 2017. Fans of the sport had no idea that the young fighter will write his name on the history book of MMA in this underrated fight.
Early in the second minute of the first round, Claxton found an opportunity to run towards his opponent and try his fortune with a flying knee kick. Gratefully, it was perfectly executed, seeing his opponent suffer a kick that required him two minutes to recover.

The Most Brutal Flying Knee Knockout In MMA History
Source: Twitter/Bellator

Knockout of the Year

“Speedy” gained himself 2017’s “Knockout of the Year” honours with the fast and powerful move, but his reaction to it was rather simple: “The fight’s over, and I’ve got all of my teeth.” 

In his sparring sessions, the former NCAA Division II wrestler said he used to throw a series of punches and then launch a flying knee on his teammates, which produced mixed results among them. In his post-fight interview, Claxton explained:

“Half the time, I really don’t know how to control it. Like, I almost went over (Bowman’s) head. But it’s fun to warm up with it, though. I’ll tell you that much.” 

Featured Image Credit: Twitter/Bellator

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