Brown Sugar Substitute: Can You Use White Sugar?

Brown sugar became the more popular alternative to white sugar in the past few years. One of the reasons is that brown sugar is healthier. And that’s partly true. However, one thing to note is that brown sugar is still made with processed white sugar. To make brown sugar, companies just add molasses to processed white sugar. That means that even if you consume brown sugar, you still haven’t eliminated processed foods entirely from your diet.

What I want to point out today is that there are even better natural and organic options than brown sugar. Many recipes use sugar as a key ingredient.

That being said, what are your brown sugar substitute options? We’ll discuss them today.

Organic brown sugar

Brown Sugar Substitute: Can You Use White Sugar?

Nowadays, there is an organic version of everything. Yes, the organic version is pricier, but it’s also healthier. When you need a healthy brown sugar substitute, an organic option is the most straightforward alternative. Organic brown sugar has the same texture and flavor as normal brown sugar, but packs healthier ingredients.

You can source your organic sugar from any well-stocked grocery store. Organic sugar is made usually by dehydrating whole sugar cane, which retains the strong molasses flavor. Or if you want to take things to the next level, opt for coconut sugar. It’s not made from sugar cane, but it has the same flavor as brown sugar.

Liquid brown sugar substitute

Brown Sugar Substitute: Can You Use White Sugar?

If you want to prepare a sauce with brown sugar, you need a liquid substitute. Also, liquid alternatives come in handy for cereals. One reason people use brown sugar for barbecue sauces, for example, is the dark sweetness. For a liquid substitute, you can use buckwheat honey, which a similar flavor to brown sugar. Raw agave nectar is another option. Just be careful, as agave nectar has a slightly stronger flavor. Agave is a great option for sauces and as a sweetener for your hot cereal dishes.

Brown sugar baking substitutes

Brown Sugar Substitute: Can You Use White Sugar?

When you bake, you can combine several ingredients to get the same texture and flavor as brown sugar. One option is to use white sugar and molasses together. This way, you are basically preparing brown sugar at your home. Use this option when you don’t have brown sugar in your kitchen. If you need dark brown sugar, use 1 cup organic sugar combined with 2 tablespoons molasses. If you want a lighter version, use just one tablespoon molasses.

Can you use white sugar?

Brown Sugar Substitute: Can You Use White Sugar?

I said previously that white sugar can be used as a brown sugar substitute. The only question is whether you’ve eliminated white sugar from your diet. If you don’t have a problem using white sugar, you can use the same amount as you would brown sugar. I just need to warn you that your cookies will be crisper (that is, if you’re not using molasses). If you do add molasses to the recipe, you won’t be able to tell the difference.

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