Brock Lesnar’s Latest USADA Sample Has Gone Missing

Brock Lesnar’s journey back to the octagon remains a little sketchy…

During a time when giants roamed the octagon, WWE superstar Brock Lesnar was a dream come true for the UFC. Although his UFC career got off to a rough start when he was submitted by Frank Mir, the promotion was able to plant Brock Lesnar in a title fight soon after. Against an ageing and far smaller Randy Couture, Lesnar secured a UFC title in just his second UFC win.

Only two fights later, Lesnar would suffer harrowing back-to-back losses against Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem.

Brock Lesnar's Latest USADA Sample Has Gone Missing
After the announcement he would return to the UFC with an immediate title shot against Daniel Cormier, Brock Lesnar began to shrink quite quickly…

Everyone’s favourite wrestler is on the brink of returning to the UFC once again. Brock Lesnar is the former UFC heavyweight champion from way back in the day. However, his fame comes from not his skillset but his size. Unfortunately, he has a history with USADA and this story is no different…

Cast your mind back to UFC 200 when the hype was so very real for Lesnar’s return to the octagon. Facing the ‘Super Samoan’ and walk off king Mark Hunt, everyone was rooting for Brock. Purely for his size compared to Hunt, but Hunt had knocked out the 7-foot giant Stefan Struve. No one was sleeping on him. We all know that Brock won this fight, however.

In the early hours of the morning, a tweet was released showing the USADA database and interestingly, Lesnar’s test numbers have dropped. Between the dates of 28/11 and 7/12, one of two samples taken has vanished. It was a sample taken from the 17/10 reporting period.

Brock Lesnar's Latest USADA Sample Has Gone Missing
A screenshot photo of Brock Lesnar’s that shows his mandibular teeth. (Photo: MMAimports)

Brock has quite the history with USADA and this is why he was granted a ‘special testing exemption’ in order to compete at UFC 200. Essentially, he won, but when the test results came back positive the result was overturned. These results, USADA could’ve gotten hold of them much quicker but chose not to. Which is the reasoning behind Mark Hunt suing the UFC and Brock.

Of course, Brock and Cormier are allegedly going to fight in early 2019 should Brock return. Brock also did sign a new deal with the WWE though, so the chances of the Cormier fight have dropped but not to an impossible level. Cormier who has a clean record with USADA wants to ‘drug test the hell out of him’ to ensure he’s clean for their fight should it happen.

Even former UFC bantamweight champion, Dominick Cruz agrees with Cormier and says he’s absolutely doping.

Maybe it’s worth keeping an eye on this database, should any more samples go missing…

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