Brian Ortega Reveals Wolverine Healing Abilities After UFC 231

Brian Ortega’s face was almost unrecognisable after he received the most number of strikes landed by a fighter in a single match from Max Holloway. After over a week, ‘T-City’ posts a photo of him almost showing no sign of taking damage. 

Holloway destroyed Ortega at the headlining match of UFC 231 in Toronto after an all-out four-round war on December 8. Despite receiving a multitude of shots, the featherweight challenger has a metal chin that stood until doctors had to decide he can’t take any more beating.


This leaves us wondering how strong the American fighter is to endure all these punches without even a single knockdown. In fact, not only is Ortega’s endurance sky high, his healing capability is equally impressive.

His latest Instagram story shows that he may not be human after all… MMA journalist Chamatkar Sandhu even calls him the ‘Wolverine’ after posting a photo of Ortega looking almost completely healed.

“Brian Ortega is Wolverine. Just over a week after his fight with Max Holloway and he appears to be completely healed. (Via his Instagram story)”


 was immediately rushed to the hospital for precautionary measures after the bout. It was the first loss recorded on Ortega’s 16-fight MMA career. 


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Brian Ortega and Youtube/UFC

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