Brad Pickett Destroys Opponent With One Punch In Bare Knuckle Debut

Former UFC bantamweight Brad Pickett needed only one punch to finish Mark Handley in a bare-knuckle bout.

BKB 16 has arguably the most stacked line up to date.

From ex-UFC fighters to past K1 and BAMMA stars, the fight card was never short of competitive matchups that kept fans on the edge of their seats.

Among the biggest names in the roster was Mark “The Hand of Godbeer and Will ‘The Kill’ Chope.

Brad Pickett also provided some fireworks in his first bare-knuckle match against Handley, with the British flyweight title on the line.

The 02 Arena reportedly sold tickets to over 2500 fans witnessing the bare-knuckle extravaganza, which also aired live on FITE app and Sky TV, Virgin Media and FOX Sports Asia.

To avoid the fighters’ excessive water-cutting, BKB co-owner Jim Freeman and the officials decided to hold the weigh-ins early in the morning.

Martin Orsuliak and Rob Boardman opened the night with a rousing middleweight bout while Pickett ended the show with a potential knockout of the year performance.

Pickett’s ‘One Punch’ KO

Pickett returned from his retirement and hiatus in UFC and knocked out Mark Handley with one bare-knuckle punch over the weekend.

The 40-year old former UFC fighter has his several losing moments at UFC Fight in the past years. He had one win against Francisco Rivero back in 2016 by a split decision.

But he was in his monster form last weekend as if he was not coming off a three-fight losing streak.

During the main event clash, the British fighter lived up to his moniker. Pickett got his pace early on and landed a powerful combo that sent Handley down the canvas.

Showing that he still packs a lot of power in his 40, he delivered a killer ‘one-punch’ to finish Handley and capture the flyweight strap.

Following the insane knockout, an MMA writer stressed, “…perhaps Pickett has found his home in the bare-knuckle world. Even though he has always been more well-rounded than his nickname suggests, I can’t imagine a better place for him to work his gimmick of grizzled vet/one-hitter-quitter/Guy Ritchie goon. He’s got a lot of good hooks to work with, is what I’m saying.”

Watch the sequence below:

BKB 16 Full Results courtesy of Cageside Press:

Main Card

Brad Pickett def. Mark Handley via TKO – Round 1 – Flyweight British Championship

Sean George def. Marc Navarro via Unanimous Decision – Lightweight British Championship

Daniel Lerwell def. CJ Mills via KO – Round 3 – Super-Middleweight British Championship

Ricardo Franco def. Connor Tierney via KO – Round 1 – Catchweight ‘Prize Fighter’ Semi-Finals

James Connelly def. ‘Smudger’ Smith via unanimous decision – Catchweight ‘Prize Fighter’ Semi-Finals


Mark Godbeer def. Mickey Parker via Unanimous Decision – British Heavyweight Championship

Jack Draper and Mason Shaw Ruled a Draw.

Scott McHugh def. Paul Stredder via TKO – Round 2

Eric Olsen def. Greg Mayne via Unanimous Decision

Barrie Jones def. Will Chope via TKO – Round 1

Rob Boardman def. Martin Orsuliak via Majority Decision

(Featured Image Source: Twitter/Dave Madden)

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