Fans Are Calling This The Worst Boxing Debut Of The Century

There is a reason why professional sports are played by professional athletes: their skills are on a different level. This is why a global outraged sparked last weekend when a boxer from Louisiana, who starred in his first professional fight, had fans wondering what it really takes to be a professional boxer. 

Emanuel Williams was at the receiving end of massive criticism after he showed a lacklustre and disappointing performance against also-first timer John Rincon in the undercard of Maurice Hooker vs Alex Saucedo bout.

Fans Are Calling This The Worst Boxing Debut Of The Century
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Questionable Inclusion

While Hooker was successful in defending his WBO junior lightweight title against Saucedo, things did not end well for the 20-year old Williams, who made his professional debut in the under card of the Top Rank Boxing last Friday in Oklahoma City.

A lightweight bout featuring the Louisiana native and the 19-year old Rincon served as the curtain raiser of the Hooker vs Saucedo fight. And it only took Rincon a few seconds to give his opponent an important reality check.

Rincon made quick work of the 20-year old fighter as boxing fans witnessed one of the worst professional debuts in boxing story. Anyone who saw the fight can clearly tell that there’s no way that Williams could win the fight. Even the match commentators were shocked as to how the young boxer made it to the professional level with his poor boxing skills. Watch the fight in the video below:

And here’s how he got knocked out:

For the record, this fight was streamed live by ESPN and may boxing fans were able to see Williams’ horrendous debut. Fans were in unison in saying that the match-maker of this fight should be fired. Here are some of their hilarious reactions on Twitter:

Credit Williams for having the guts to dip his toes in the sport but guts alone will not win him matches in the professional scene or even in the amateur level. It takes people massive talent and skills to become professional athletes – something that Williams clearly lacks – and he is way too far from being one.

(Featured Image Source: Twitter/World Boxing Wall)

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