Curtis Blaydes Expressed Unamusement Over UFC Promotions, Roasted By UFC Fans

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    1. I agree with Curtis blaydes and all of us UFC used to be fans until this crap with Daniel Cormier cheating and gouging Stripes eyes out to win the heavyweight belt. We should all get together when this fight happens with DC and Brock Lesnar and boycott that pay-per-view. I don’t know how to start a boycott on the UFC pay-per-view? so somebody please inform me how to do it. Thank you I would appreciate that very much and if we all get together and boycott the pay-per-view or Brock Lesnar and DC fight then maybe just maybe we can bring the UFC back to where it used to be honorable. It’s the UFC WWE now or the WWE UFC. It’s a joke now. As far as heavy weights. Stipe and Curtis blaydes and Junior del Santos and Overeem and other heavyweight Fighters are true champions whether they have a belt or not. They are honorable Fighters and not cheaters like DC Pokey Pig DC the Shameless cheater.

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