Curtis Blaydes Expressed Unamusement Over UFC Promotions, Roasted By UFC Fans

    Curtis Blaydes Expressed Unamusement Over UFC Promotions, Roasted By UFC Fans
    Cormier didn’t see that coming too. Or did he?

    A lot of UFC fans have noticed that the sport hasn’t been what it used to be since it was sold in 2016.

    For $4 billion, talent agency WME-IMG was able to take over the mixed martial arts company. This amount is assumed to be the most expensive transaction for an organisation in sports history.

    Although Dana White remains as the President, a lot of its fans claim that UFC is becoming more like WWE.

    What once was a sport that’s all about winning the fight, defending the belt, and advancing in rankings, now seems to be a lot different. The recent UFC events promotions under the new management have been all about trash talking and WWE-style promotions.

    Cormier Calling Out Brock Lesnar at UFC 226

    The most recent pay-per-view event, UFC 226, held last July 7, 2018, is one of the most controversial fights of the year. Aside from Daniel Cormier putting an end to the title defence streak of Stipe Miocic, he also becomes the second man in the history of the sport to simultaneous two-division champion.

    Curtis Blaydes Expressed Unamusement Over UFC Promotions, Roasted By UFC Fans
    Reigning dual-division champ on his UFC 226 post-fight interview

    Following Cormier’s victory, Curtis Blaydes is probably one of the most qualified challengers for the heavyweight title. However, Cormier stated during the post-fight press conference that it would now be difficult to fight someone not so famous, like Blaydes.

    Cormier’s exact words were:

    “I’m at a point now where it would be difficult to fight a Curtis Blaydes”

    “Last time Gustaffson and I fought, we made no money.”

    “It’s like, do you want to go to war and make so much less money? If I fight Brock Lesnar, I’m getting paid.”

    Apart from becoming the second person in UFC history to hold a title in two different weight classes simultaneously, Cormier also shocked the UFC world when he called out Brock Lesnar on stage after the UFC 226 fight. When Lesnar came up, he shoved the dual-division champ and criticised other heavyweight fighters.

    Now, it’s official that Cormier and Lesnar are going to fight in the next heavyweight bout in 2019.

    Curtis Blaydes Disappointed On UFC Promotions

    Curtis Blaydes Expressed Unamusement Over UFC Promotions, Roasted By UFC Fans
    Blaydes brutally finished Overeem at UFC 225.

    With all these things going on, Blaydes vented out his disappointment over the UFC events that are looking a lot like WWE-style promotions. He specifically mentioned CM Punk and Brock Lesnar saying:

    ”Tired of all the politics,” Curtis wrote on Twitter. “Like is it even still even about fighting? First CM Punk now Brock Lesnar. I’ll just continue to grow as a martial artist and become more dangerous, and I refuse to resort to that WWE BS fake arguing just to draw in lame ass casual fans pfft.”

    In a series of tweets, Blaydes responded to people who contradict his statement.

    Blaydes is obviously unamused on what’s happening right now at UFC, but some fans disagree with his opinion and roasting him in return.

    He recently advanced to heavyweight title contention at UFC 225 when he knocked out former Strikeforce, Dream and K-1 heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem. Prior to that, he also defeated a heavyweight legend, Mark Hunt.

    Apparently, Blaydes isn’t the only one bumped off the list to fight Cormier with the return of Lesnar. There’s also Alexander Volkov, who weighed in before UFC 226, to compete in case either Cormier or Miocic won’t make it.

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    1. I agree with Curtis blaydes and all of us UFC used to be fans until this crap with Daniel Cormier cheating and gouging Stripes eyes out to win the heavyweight belt. We should all get together when this fight happens with DC and Brock Lesnar and boycott that pay-per-view. I don’t know how to start a boycott on the UFC pay-per-view? so somebody please inform me how to do it. Thank you I would appreciate that very much and if we all get together and boycott the pay-per-view or Brock Lesnar and DC fight then maybe just maybe we can bring the UFC back to where it used to be honorable. It’s the UFC WWE now or the WWE UFC. It’s a joke now. As far as heavy weights. Stipe and Curtis blaydes and Junior del Santos and Overeem and other heavyweight Fighters are true champions whether they have a belt or not. They are honorable Fighters and not cheaters like DC Pokey Pig DC the Shameless cheater.

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