WATCH: Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Activates Khabib Mode During Tournament

Erberth Santos’ injured knee has miraculously healed itself as the BJJ world champion darted towards the crowd to attack multiple people at an event in Brazil. 

On Friday night, tables have turned for the gentle art as Santos sparked a massive post-fight brawl at the headlining match of the “BJJ Stars: Black Belt Edition” event in Sao Paulo.

The IBJJF world titlist who’s fighting ADCC champion Felipe Pena got into a word war against his rival’s teammate in the audience before taking off to launch an attack.

WATCH: Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Activates Khabib Mode During Tournament
Source: Youtube/BJJ Scout

Knee Injury

The final match of the BJJ Stars: Black Belt Edition tournament between Pena and Santos started out as normal Brazilian jiu-jitsu face off with ‘Preguica’ pulling guard. Santos is a multiple-time champion in the IBJJF competition while Pena is an ADCC 2017 absolute gold medalist.

After a little over a minute or two in the match, Pena fetched up his rival to attempt a sweep.

Somewhere in the scuffle, however, Santos appeared to have attained a knee injury that left him seated in the mat while bringing it up to the referee.

The intervention was supposed to end with a decision as to whether the match should be called off or not.

However, Santos’ allegedly ailing knee appeared to have magically healed after his verbal feud with some crowd members launched him off his seat to a nasty attack.

The 25-year-old BJJ champion who has built a reputation as a bad sport over recent years appeared to be targetting Pena’s black belt master,

Daniel Thebit. He knocked through multiple bystanders in the process of going after his verbal foe.

On and Off the Mat

The post-fight fracas lasted for a few minutes before authorities were able to pull Santos out of the massive brawl. Despite this, the footage has shown another attack from a topless Santos who has darted off from being pacified by his team.

BJJ Stars promoter Fernando Lopes released a statement via MMA Fighting on Sunday to announce Santos’ ban from ever competing for the promotion again.

“He was provoked by someone in the crowd, who was cheering for Felipe or against him. I’m a black belt for 21 years and an athlete has to be a black belt on and off the mat to deserve a black belt in my team.

I wouldn’t give a blue belt to an irresponsible man who fights in the street,” Lopes stated.

“The event was great, getting a lot of praise, and it’s a shame that one person’s attitude can tarnish the entire work of many people in the end.

I know how hard my partners and I worked, I left many things aside to put my passion in the first place, and that can’t tarnish all the work we’ve done,” the BJJ promoter continued.

WATCH: Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Activates Khabib Mode During Tournament
Source: Instagram/Erberth Santos


Pena who snatched the win via disqualification has also reacted to the dirty fracas on social media.

“It’s a shame what happened, despite the victory I’m sad with today. I got ready and I dedicated a lot to give a show for you and unfortunately ended unexpectedly! Sport is not that,” he wrote.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/BJJ Scout

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