Michael Bisping Absolutely Roasts Khabib And Conor McGregor After UFC 229

No holding back for the former middleweight champion.

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor starred in the highly-anticipated UFC 229 last weekend at the T-mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Dagestan native welcomed the Irish star back in the Octagon after being sidelined for nearly two years.

When the dust settled, Nurmagomedov secured the win, his 27th in as many fights, via submission in the fourth round. Former UFC champ, Michael Bisping, gave his own assessment of the UFC 229 headliner and did not show love for both stars.

One-sided Fight

The Russian champ sent a strong statement to the MMA world last weekend.  He showed that he is a force of nature in the sport and not even a ‘Conor McGregor’ can stop him from doing the damage once he is in the cage.

Nurmagomedov turned the highly-anticipated fight into a one-sided affair. He pulled off a strong start and a stronger finish to retain his UFC lightweight strap and to remain unscathed after 27 fights in his professional career.

Khabib was simply sensational and just too much for the challenger. After dominating the first three rounds, ‘The Eagle’ wrapped up the fight in the fourth with a neck crank that forced McGregor to raise the white flag.

But in a shocking turn of events, the reigning lightweight champ lost his composure and jumped over the cage to attack one of McGregor’s cornermen Dillon Danis. The incident resulted in bigger brawls inside and outside the arena involving members and fans of both camps.

Bisping Breaks Down the Khabib-Conor Fight

Speaking on the FOX Sports Desk for the post-fight analysis, the ex-middleweight champ gave his serious take on UFC 229 main event. Bisping believed that there were two reasons behind the McGregor defeat: one was the choke ‘who wasn’t in the chin’ and the beating he received from Khabib in the second round.

“Look, what happened towards the end is that Conor gave up because the choke wasn’t even under the chin; it wasn’t on the neck, but it’s easy to sit here and say he gave up. When you’re tired and when you’ve been pounded for four rounds. Let’s not forget that, in that second round, Khabib put it on him bad. When you get to round four, the choke doesn’t need to be perfect, the technique doesn’t need to be perfect. It sucks.” 

As for Khabib, the retired mixed martial artists criticised his post-fight antics that resulted in bigger fights in the venue.

“He’s absolutely destroyed his reputation, potentially lost his lightweight title, he’s probably going to face criminal charges, a suspension by the commission and he might have his visa revoked. This is ridiculous.”

Watch the full segment in the video below:

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