The Most Savage Knockout Of 2018 That Just Keeps Going Viral

Calling the attention of MMA fans all over the world, let us present you the “Knockout of the Year”. The new record has been set during South Africa’s Extreme Fighting Championship 75 event at the weekend.

Who would have thought that Mzwandile “Shakebone” Hlongwa will bring home the bacon after he sent his opponent, Torbjorn Madsen, to the ground with this deadliest spinning-back “hellbow” attack? The final result came like a bolt from the blue and no one didn’t see that coming, though.

No wonder why the crowd was left in shock as Hlongwa celebrated his victory. Indeed, it’s one of the deadliest finishes we’ve ever come across in MMA has been added to MMA History.

It’s Going Viral

The best knockout of 2018 just keeps going viral even the commentators went on to describe the moment as “one of the best knockouts I’ve seen in the EFC”. As for the Norwegian fighter, Madsen, later confirmed that everything was fine.

In fact, he even congratulated “Shakebone” for his efforts. “I’m in the ambulance now. I’m going to a check in the hospital. Everything is fine. This can happen, it’s fun. Well done by him,” he said TV 2 after the fight.

But the new set of record for the best knockout is not yet done. In what has been described “from the incredible to the bizarre,” this bizarre fight in India is definitely going to be in the list.

These two fighters in India suffered a knockout, double knockout, at exactly the same time. I know it’s crazy and it’s one of the most bizarre moments, and probably best knockout, you’ll see this year!

You can watch the video below and see it for yourself. Video courtesy of Boxing Office on YouTube.

In terms of the rules, double knockouts are so rare that most regulating boards have no classification for them, but we can only presume this particular bout was ruled a technical draw.

Sports Bible

You can watch the full video EFC 75 M Hlongwa KOs Madsen down below. Video courtesy of EFCworldwide on YouTube.

These knockouts are crazy! Have you seen anything like it?

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