What Is the Best House Dog?

No dog in the world is as popular as the Labrador retriever. There is a reason why he is the answer to the what is the best house dog. The Lab is the most popular dog breed, and for a good reason, he is playful, patient, loving, protective, and reliable.

For several consecutive years, the American Kennel Club votes the Labrador Retriever for the most popular dog in the United States. His physical capabilities and eager-to-please temperament make the Labrador an ideal family pet and sporting dog in the same time.

Ask any Labrador owner and they will tell you that “Once a Labrador owner, always a Labrador owner”. What makes the Lab so popular and special?

Always ready for sport

What Is the Best House Dog?
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The Labrador was bred originally to be a hunting/fishing breed. Nowadays, they are classified by the AKC in the sporting group, which means they are willing to retrieve anything. That includes from downed ducks, to the Frisbee you threw away.

Easy to train

What Is the Best House Dog?
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Labradors have eager-to-please temperament. Their entire existence is in correlation with their owner. Their goal is to ensure their owner is happy and pleased. That makes the Labrador easy to train. That is, as long as you established yourself as the alpha member. The Labrador is intelligent, but always looking for a leader, as he was bred to follow human cues. With the proper training, the Labrador can follow and perform more than 30 commands, much more than just the common “sit”, “stay”, and “roll over”.

Have a nose for security

What Is the Best House Dog?
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If you ever flew from an American airport, you’ve noticed that the customs and border protection agencies use Labradors to detect contraband, especially plant and animal products. The Labrador might be a domestic pet first and foremost, but he can be easily used for security by government agencies.

Excellent with kids

What Is the Best House Dog?
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Labradors are gentle and patient breed. There is a reason they are used as therapy dogs. With the right training and socialization, labs will become the best friend with your kids. They get along famously with children. They share the same excitement and love, as well as zest for life as children. That is why you answer Labrador to what is the best house dog.

Good with other pets

What Is the Best House Dog?
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One of the biggest problems for dog owners is that when they take their dog to the park, they have to be careful if there are other dogs around. With Labradors, you do not have that issue. If introduced to other dogs as pets, they get along with any other dog.

Generally healthy

What Is the Best House Dog?
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Labradors are a healthy breed. Yes, they do suffer from a couple of issues like hip and knee dysplasia, but those are common in most dog breeds as they age. Labradors generally live between 10 and 12 years, which is a lot.

Lively and energetic

What Is the Best House Dog?
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When you own a Labrador, you will never run out of fun. The Labrador was originally used as a working dog, one for retrieving downed birds in both water and over land. Today, they carry this trait and need a lot of exercise and stimulation to keep them fit and healthy. That makes them ideal for lively and active families.

Easy grooming

What Is the Best House Dog?
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As is the case with most dogs, Labradors shed, some more than others. They have a short double coat that keeps them warm and waterproof. But grooming is rather easy for a Labrador. All they need is a good brushing once per month.

Top-notch versatility

What Is the Best House Dog?
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One of the reasons why the Labrador is the answer to what is the best house dog is their versatility. Very few breeds come close to the Labradors in terms of versatility. The Labrador makes a great pet for homes of all types, but they can also be great for canine sport and working roles. Some Labradors are used as assistance dogs, therapy dogs, sniffer dogs, and in many other important roles.

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