37 Most Wonderful Tattoos Celebrating Friendship

Ask yourself “How many true friends do I have?” What is your answer? You do not need to say it publicly, but the fact of the matter is that true friends are rare these days. Most of our friends will be next to us in our good times, but during the bad times, you will see your friends disappearing.

I am not trying to be pessimistic or skeptic. I am just being honest in saying that friendship is a precious thing these days, and one must preserve it and hold on tight. There are many ways to honor your friends, but one of the popular trends in past years is matching tattoos.

Some people do not approve of tattoos, but some of us love that ink. For all tattoo lovers and fans out there, here is a list of friendship tattoos.

1. Anchor On Wrist

37 Most Wonderful Tattoos Celebrating Friendship
Photo: xtarotx.blogspot.com

The anchor has been around since the time of the Sumerians, some 2000 years B.C. But in the past years, the anchor has become one of the most popular symbols for tattoos. The meaning itself is stability and strength, so you can see why friends love to take the strength of their friendship to the next level.

2. Matching Yin-Yang

37 Most Wonderful Tattoos Celebrating Friendship
Photo: venicetattooartdesigns.com

When it comes to friends, the same premise applies as lovers. Friends are not alike. They might have similar views on certain important aspects of life, but in most cases, friends are opposite of each other. No tattoo better represents that fact than the yin-yang.

3. Ankle Irises

37 Most Wonderful Tattoos Celebrating Friendship
Photo: tattoooz.com

When you are getting a friendship tattoo, you need an area that is subtle, and you do not want some big and voluminous tattoo. That is why irises are perfect. The ankle area is just spot on as well, as not many people will see it.

4. Silly Hats Only

37 Most Wonderful Tattoos Celebrating Friendship
Photo: quotesgram.com

What you do when you hang around with your friends? You joke around, right? You do silly stuff? You have fun? Well, why don’t you take that goofing around to the next level? Silly hats, people. Silly hats!

5. Pinky Finger “Promise”

37 Most Wonderful Tattoos Celebrating Friendship
Photo: fingertattoodesigns.com

When I was little, one of the strongest bonds was the pinky swear. I would never break a pinky swear. Whenever someone asked me “Do you promise?”, I’d let my pinky finger do the job. That being said, this tattoo promises to be around for the long haul, as your friendship will.

6. Tower In Red Circle

37 Most Wonderful Tattoos Celebrating Friendship
Photo: pintattoos.com

The symbol in this tattoo actually appears in a video game, “Batman Arkham City.” It looks so good, and if you find some subtle location, only you and your friend will know what it means.

7. Pleasant Living

37 Most Wonderful Tattoos Celebrating Friendship
Photo: tattoos.pm

Sometimes, a tattoo has no hidden meaning, and instead the meaning is written all over the tattoo. Pleasant living is a promise friends give as a way to support each other at all times and to make sure both of you are enjoying the company and the lifestyle you have.

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