Ben Askren Rips Into Kamaru Usman’s Jeans After Backstage Confrontation

Ben Askren has blasted welterweight title challenger Kamaru Usman for trying to act tough at UFC 235 press conference.

“The Nigerian Nightmare” was the one to blink first in his feud with UFC newcomer.

Usman almost traded blows with Askren in a heated backstage confrontation in last week’s media scrum but Dana White and the UFC security team quickly separated the two fighters.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani on Monday, “Funky” shredded Usman for his actions in the pre-fight presser and for releasing the footage of their confrontation.

Making His Presence Felt

Ben Askren was traded to UFC late last year for Demetrious Johnson amid speculations that the promotion’s flyweight class will be shut down in 2019.

The 34-year old mixed martial artist has an impressive resume going into his new MMA company.

He captured the welterweight belt at Bellator MMA and ONE Fighting Championship and left both promotions unscathed to hold a professional record of 18-0.

Since getting traded to the UFC, “Funky” has been making his presence felt by calling out almost the entire roster in his division.

He has warned Darren Till, Jorge Masvidal, Mike Perry, Colby Covington that they are now in trouble as the 170-lb class has welcomed its new star.

But for his first UFC outing, the Nevada-based promotion booked Askren against former champion Robbie Lawler for UFC 235 this March, which will be headlined by a light heavyweight bout featuring Jon Jones and Anthony Smith.

Ben Askren Rips Into Kamaru Usman's Jeans After Backstage Confrontation
(Photo: YouTube/MMA Fighting)

In December, Askren also had a feud with Kamaru Usman, who he fondly calls “Marty from Nebraska.”

The former ONE and Bellator champion blasted Usman’s hypocrisy for criticising Covington for avoiding a fight with him while avoiding a fight with Askren. (transcript from MMA Fighting)

Mr. Usman, we find ourselves in a situation where you are looking like quite the hypocrite.”

“As we all know, Mr. Tyron Woodley is injured, can’t fight Colby. We know you want to fight Colby.”

“We know Colby’s a scared little b*tch, and that’s fine.”

“But I have made my services available to you for a fight on January 26 and now you’re trying to play the same game as Colby is. Colby’s ignoring you, now you’re ignoring me.”

Ben Askren Rips Into Kamaru Usman's Jeans After Backstage Confrontation
(Photo: Instagram/Kamaru Usman)


The welterweights went face-to-face last week as they attended a press conference for UFC’s MMA show this March, where they had a heated confrontation backstage.

The Anatomy of Fighter uploaded the video of their confrontation online.

Askren asked, “Are me and Marty sitting next to each other?”

An irate Usman walked towards Askren and replied, “Do you know me?” before UFC president Dana White and the security team stepped in to prevent the situation to get worse.

Watch it in the video below:

Askren recalled the confrontation on Monday at Ariel Helwani’s MMA show and set Usman on fire for getting in his face last week and for trying to act tough while in white skinny jeans.

“Can you believe Marty put this video out? This video makes him look like a dumb-dumb and it was his camera person that put it out! He is bragging about this and this is what I can’t stand about fighters.”

“Listen, we get that you’re tough. You fight in a cage. I understand that perfectly, but he has to come up to me, [when] you know nothing is going to happen back there, Marty!”

“Why are you getting in my face? You know you’re not gonna risk your main event shot by punching me in the back hallway.”

“Give me a freaking break. I couldn’t fathom why he was trying to act so tough and what he was trying to do or get out of the situation.”

“If it was intimidation, that’s freakin’ laughable. . . Look at his skinny jeans! You can’t be acting tough when you’re in white skinny jeans and a scarf.”

“I am under your skin so bad that I say one thing – I said, ‘Am I sitting next to Marty?’ and he got all pissed.”

“And the funny thing is, he’s not even like, ‘Marty’s not my name, don’t call me Marty.’… He’s not even denying that Marty is his name so I don’t even know what he’s mad about! What is he mad about?”

On March 2, Askren will finally make his long-awaited UFC debut at UFC 235, where Usman is slated to challenge Tyron Woodley for the welterweight title in the co-main event.

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