Artem Lobov Explains Why He Is One Of The Most Successful MMA Fighters

Artem Lobov’s stint at the Ultimate Fighting Championship may be over, but that doesn’t mean he is not an accomplished fighter.

The ex-UFC featherweight collected two wins and five losses in his three-year stay with the Nevada-based promotion.

But despite an ugly win-loss record, “The Russian Hammer” still considers himself as one of the most successful mixed martial artists in the world, thanks to his legion of fans.

Artem Lobov Explains Why He Is One Of The Most Successful MMA Fighters
(Photo: Instagram/Artem Lobov)


Last month, Artem Lobov, dubbed online as the greatest fighter ever to step in the Octagon, has been released by the UFC.

Lobov has taken to Twitter to announce that he is now ready to take on anyone following his release while tagging some of the UFC’s rival MMA promotions including Bellator, ONE FC, and Rizin.

His stint with the Nevada-based promotion, which started on a losing note following a unanimous decision loss to Ryan Hall at The Ultimate Fighter’s lightweight finals in 2015, has come to an end after appearing in seven MMA fights.

The 32-year old fighter, who trains with former double champion Conor McGregor, cruised to another unanimous decision loss in his second UFC appearance before winning the next two fights against Chris Avila and Teruto Ishihara respectively.

Then, “The Russian Hammer” suffered a complete turnaround as he went on to lose his next three outings, all via unanimous decision, to end up with a 2-5 win-loss UFC record and 13-15-1 overall in his professional MMA career.

Artem Lobov Explains Why He Is One Of The Most Successful MMA Fighters
(Photo: Instagram/Artem Lobov)

With three fights left under his contract, Lobov wants to return to Octagon this March.

But the UFC will not book him until April, so he asked for a release instead as he wants to spread his wings across different MMA promotions.

The Russian GOAT claimed that he is now locked and loaded to take on any opponents whether it is on Bellator, ONE FC, Rizin, Bareknuckle FC, and Poland’s KSW.

Believing that he is the answer to boxing’s lack of entertainment, he also challenged Paul Malignaggi and former world champion to a fight.

Artem Lobov Explains Why He Is One Of The Most Successful MMA Fighters
(Photo: Instagram/Artem Lobov)


Last year, SBG Ireland’s head trainer Paul Kavanagh paid tribute to Lobov following his defeat at UFC Moncton, saying he is one of the most exciting fighters in the sport.

“I don’t think Artem has the skills to be a UFC world champion.”

“I can be honest and state that but he, 100 per cent, has earned the respect of his fellow fighters and shown, independently, he earned his spot on that stage.”

“He understands the business and knows how to build a fight and always brings an exciting contest.”

“Love him, hate him, fans are always engaged when the Russian Hammer is on a card. I do not know what is next for him.”

“Maybe he will decide to put his masters in finance or his fluency in [five] languages to use in the corporate world, but if he fights again, I will proudly stand behind him holding his bucket.”

Artem Lobov Explains Why He Is One Of The Most Successful MMA Fighters
(Photo: Instagram/Artem Lobov)

Though he had a short stint at UFC, Lobov was able to establish a solid fan-following.

And this is why he feels accomplished whenever they turn up to support him during his fights.

His supporters are also the main reason why he calls himself as one of the most successful in MMA. (via MMA Mania)

“What do you call success in our sport? What determines success? Are you successful if you are 10-0 and no one is watching your fights?”

“Is that success? Trust me, your bank account will say otherwise.”

“Now that I’ve been in this sport for so long, I know this now more than ever what success is; it’s how many people are watching your fights.”

“If no one is watching, it doesn’t matter what else you are achieving; you are not successful.”

“If people are watching your fights and they care about what you do then that is success to me. As far as I’m concerned, I am one of the most successful fighters in the world.”

Artem Lobov is indeed the GOAT! No one can even come close.

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