30 Quick and Fun Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

When it comes to natural remedies, apple cider vinegar (ACV) is right up there with the best of the best. Coconut oil, apple cider vinegar, and baking soda are the three most used and most popular natural remedies there are. But apple cider vinegar is much more than a natural remedy, which is why I love it so much.

According to medical research, apple cider vinegar has proved to be beneficial with respect to blood pressure, diabetes, weight loss, and acid reflux, to name a few.

The health benefits of ACV come from its composition, which includes magnesium, potassium, and acetic acid. But the vinegar also contains healthy probiotics and enzymes. One thing to note: when you are buying apple cider vinegar, make sure to buy the raw version to ensure you get all the beneficial compounds. That being said, I would like to show you some quick and easy uses for apple cider vinegar.

30 Quick and Fun Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

30 Quick and Fun Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

  1. Detox your body by mixing a glass of water and some apple cider vinegar in the morning. You can also increase the power of any detox drink with just a few drops of ACV.
  2. Use apple cider vinegar as a natural teeth whitener. Put some ACV on your fingers and rub it on your teeth for just one minute. Rinse with water. Repeat for a few days, and you’ll notice results as the vinegar balances the pH value of your mouth. All the stains will be gone and your teeth will be whiter.
  3. You can also use apple cider vinegar as a mouthwash solution to get rid of bad breath. Swish ACV at night and in the morning, you’ll notice your breath smells so much better. That is the magic of the vinegar.
  4. Make your hair shine by filling an empty shampoo bottle with one cup of water and one tablespoon of ACV. Use the solution on your hair three times per week after shampooing. After one week, you’ll notice the results.
  5. Improve your probiotics. Simply consuming apple cider vinegar improves your probiotics level. If you suffer from a yeast infection, apple cider vinegar can help. Yeast infections, especially candida, can result in a lack of energy, bad breath, and other digestive issues. Apple cider vinegar is one of your best friends in such cases.
  6. ACV has natural antibacterial properties which come in handy when you want to wash your face. ACV can be used as a face cleanser, cleaning your skin of blemishes and normalizing your pH value. Just make sure not to apply raw ACV. Dilute the vinegar with water, and then use it is as a cleanser.
  7. We all suffer from acid reflux from time to time because of our diet. The main reason for acid reflux is an imbalanced pH value in the stomach. Since ACV comes with a handful of probiotics, just add one 1 tablespoon in a cup of water. Drink the solution five minutes before your meal, and you’ll feel much better.
  8. All this talk about pH value, and we have to mention that even though ACV is acidic, it has an alkaline effect on your body. By consuming ACV, you are balancing the pH value of your body. As a result, you lower the risk of cancer and other chronic illnesses. And as a bonus: a normal pH value increases your energy level.
  9. Consume a teaspoon of apple sugar vinegar in the morning and you’ll lose weight in one week. ACV boosts your metabolic fat-burning rate but also reduces the craving for sugar. And as we all know, sugar cravings are one of the biggest causes of weight gain.
  10. In addition, apple cider vinegar balances your sugar, lowering the risk of diabetes. Just put some on your salads or consume it with water just a few minutes before your meal.
  11. During the summer, one of the best ways to use apple cider vinegar is to soothe a sunburn. Just one cup of ACV in a bath, mixed with some lavender essential oil, will reduce the symptoms of sunburnt skin.
  12. Poison ivy is something we all hate. The plant can cause swelling, inflammation, itching and irritation in general. Apple cider vinegar contains minerals like potassium that reduce the symptoms. You can dilute some ACV in water and apply to the skin rash.
  13. Speaking of rashes and itching on the skin, seasonal allergies can also be troublesome. Allergies can manifest themselves on the skin, or in other ways, like difficulty breathing. If you have difficulty breathing, apple cider vinegar helps eliminate the mucus in your body, supports lymphatic drainage, and reduces symptoms in general. Add two tablespoons of ACV to a glass of water and drink it. Repeat three times per day to fight off allergies.
  14. I said at the beginning that ACV helps with blood pressure. Exactly how? Consuming a spoonful of ACV every day for 12 weeks will dramatically reduce your blood pressure and help you eliminate the problem.
  15. Fungus on your toes and on your skin will become a thing of the past with just a little ACV. Apply some vinegar on your fingers and rub the affected area two times per day.
  16. I mentioned a few times that apple cider vinegar regulates the pH value of your body. But this also applies to your skin. One of the many apple cider vinegars uses for skin is to help with eczema symptoms. Rub a solution of apple cider vinegar and a little water on the affected area to support healing.
  17. Another skin condition that can be greatly improved with ACV is varicose veins. Vinegar improves circulation, works in an anti-inflammatory way, and reduces the bulging veins. Witch hazel and ACV is a great mixture to rub on varicose veins. You’ll see some improvement in a matter of a few weeks.
  18. ACV can also be used to treat some common health issues, like a cold and sore throat. Just two tablespoons of ACV and a glass of water can help with the common cold. Drink it three times per day, and the vitamins in the vinegar will work their magic.
  19. I don’t recommend using ACV as a deodorant, but you can improve your body odour by rubbing some vinegar on your armpit. This will neutralize odours, keep you fresh, and make for a solid foundation for some perfume afterwards.
  20. For all the men out there, ACV is a much better aftershave product than all the over-the-counter products you can find. All the vitamins and the acidity of the ACV will soothe your skin after shaving, leaving it irritation-free. Just fill a bottle with equal parts water and vinegar, shake, and then apply on your face.
  21. Another over-the-counter product that you can replace with apple cider vinegar is wart remover. Just soak a cotton ball in some vinegar, cover the wart, and let it stay overnight. You can use a band-aid or medical tape to hold the cotton ball over the wart.
  22. Going into some more relaxing treatments, ACV can be used for a massage treatment. Use it to relieve your hands, feet, and entire body.
  23. And if you are feeling tired, apple cider vinegar is also a great natural energy booster. Whenever you feel tired, fill a glass with water, add some ACV, and drink it. Because it contains a ton of potassium and some enzymes, vinegar will prevent the fatigue that can happen after an intense workout.
  24. We finish off the health and beauty apple cider vinegar uses with hiccups. We all hate them, and instead of looking for someone to pat you on your back, just get a teaspoon of ACV. The sour taste will stop your hiccups immediately.
  25. Starting the home and household uses, the most common use of ACV in the house is as an all-natural cleaner. You can clean almost any household product by mixing equal amounts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle. Just spray the solution on the item you want to clean, let it stay for a few minutes, and then wipe with a cloth.
  26. Apple cider vinegar can also be used as a weed killer. Mix ½ gallon of ACV, ½ teaspoon of dish soap, and a ¼ cup of regular salt. Spray on weeds you want to kill, but be careful to avoid the flowers and plants you want to keep.
  27. You can make a fruit fly trap out of ACV by putting some in a cup with a drop of dish soap. Set the cup out on the counter, and all the flies will come to it.
  28. When you are doing the laundry, a drop of apple cider vinegar will help eliminate cat urine smell.
  29. Speaking of odours and smells, ACV can neutralize any unpleasant odour that won’t go away. Place some apple cider vinegar in a dish, and then position the dish near the odor you want to neutralize.
  30. Last, but not least, you can use apple cider vinegar for your pets. You can repel fleas by mixing equal amounts of water and ACV. Place the solution in the tub, and then soak the pet in it. And if you are a cat lover, you can prevent your cats from biting cords by rubbing ACV on the cord.

But how can you naturally add apple cider vinegar to your diet? I mentioned several uses of apple cider vinegar. And just by simply consuming it, you are reaping all the benefits. The question is, how can you consume ACV in a more natural way (i.e., other than by drinking it diluted in water)? Here are a few ways:

  1. The easiest way to add more apple cider vinegar to your diet is via salads. All salad dressings can benefit from ACV. Sometimes you don’t even need a salad dressing; a few drops of vinegar are all the seasoning you need.
  2. Juices are another way to increase your ACV consumption. Of course, this only applies to organic and raw juices. Any smoothie or juice can tolerate some vinegar in it.
  3. Another way that goes without saying is in the soup. ACV adds flavour and brightness to your soups, and as long as you add it in small doses, your soup will retain its flavour and taste.
  4. ACV is also great for baked goods. You can fluff up cakes, cookies, and all other sweet and sour baked goods.
  5. Last, but not least, add apple cider vinegar to your sauces for that perfect “tangy and sweet flavour.” Marinades are another great example.

30 Quick and Fun Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

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