Apple Cider Vinegar Dandruff Treatment

When it comes to dealing with our hair, a common issue is a dandruff. Dandruff is naturally quite an embarrassing problem to deal with.

So if you want to get rid of your dandruff for good, you might want to consider an apple cider vinegar dandruff treatment. It’s a great, affordable all-natural solution to dandruff.

While that might sound odd, apple cider vinegar is among the best options that you could have for dandruff treatment. Instead of spending vast sums of money on OTC products, this easy to use solution may help to bring about the end of your dandruff drama!

How, then, can you get the kind of treatment that you need by using a form of vinegar? Let’s take a look and see what exactly makes it such a great choice.

What Causes Dandruff?

Apple Cider Vinegar Dandruff Treatment

Before we go any further, though, it’s useful to work out why you might get dandruff to begin with. One of the first things to ask yourself is if your dandruff- well- if it smells!

If it does, then it’s likely that your dandruff is being caused by excessive oil being produced via the scalp. This leads to irritated, infected skin that can become extremely dry and itchy.

Dandruff itself, though, is caused due to a fungus not unlike yeast that is present in the scalp of every person. For some people, it can flare up and cause your skin to flake.

All manner of reasons can cause these flareups, from stress to allergic reactions. There is no 100% deciding reason for you to have dandruff: it just happens.

It’s not, though, caused by dehydration or using too much shampoo in the hair.

So what good is apple cider vinegar?

What Apple Cider Vinegar Can Do For You

Apple Cider Vinegar Dandruff Treatment

Used right, apple cider vinegar can kill the fungus that causes dandruff. The reason that this happens is quite simple: it’s a very powerful anti-inflammatory treatment.

Given it helps to reduce inflammation and kill off dangerous bacteria/fungi, it makes a natural opponent for the development of dandruff in general. It helps to reduce the depth of the fungal infection you are dealing with.

This not only helps to kill off the present infection but lays the foundation for preventing it from returning in the future. The fact it’s free from chemical add-ons and other artificial content means that it’s a great idea for getting rid of dandruff without side-effects.

That’s why it’s also a great choice for a detox, or if you want to lose weight. Using it on a daily basis can have a massive effect on dandruff, and it’s super easy to use.

Within a few weeks, you should begin to see a difference to the state of your hair in general too!

Using An Apple Cider Vinegar Dandruff Treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar Dandruff Treatment

  • One of the main reasons why you might choose an apple cider vinegar dandruff treatment is that it’s a completely natural remedy, but it’s also highly effective. It can also be combined with other natural dandruff remedies to provide even more effective relief for years to come.
  • If ending dandruff is part of your aim, then you can combine ACV with some other treatments. We recommend that a simple blend of equal parts cool water and equal parts ACV, though, is a fine starting point. Using this on a weekly basis will help to get rid of the flake-causing fungus and inflammation. The end result? Not only will your scalp not be flaking, but your inflammation will start going down. This is going to make your scalp less itchy and less dry, too.
  • You could also combine apple cider vinegar with your normal shampoo. Used right, this can help to make sure you have a regular cleaning solution which is great if you only have mild dandruff. The most severe dandruff sufferers should look to massage the ACV into your scalp every second day.

If you go for any three of these methods, and you should see a big improvement in how your hair looks. It should also begin to kill off dandruff. Awesome, right?

Is Apple Cider Vinegar Dandruff Treatment Worth It?

Apple Cider Vinegar Dandruff Treatment

We recommend that you pay attention to the potential for side-effects. You will find that since your pores are open due to the inflammation that if you use ACV neat, your hair may dry out and your scalp may suddenly start stinging. If this happens, you should dilute your ACV with a small helping of water.

Or you could combine it with a selenium-based shampoo so that you can administer it safely. Think of your apple cider vinegar dandruff treatment like using essential oils: it’s normally best diluted.

We also recommend considering some tea tree oil or some honey in with your apple cider vinegar. The main reason we recommend this is that tea tree oil amplifies the effects that apple cider vinegar offers.

It helps to remove even more fungus and bacteria and can help to make sure that symptoms vanish even faster. You can also use honey as an add on, as it helps to make sure that your skin becomes less inflamed.

Combining together both sets of this will help to make sure that you can reduce itching and that burning sensation. Done right, it can be the proven solution that you need to help lift that disarray from your scalp, reducing inflammation tenfold!

Done right, all of these combined treatments – with apple cider vinegar at the forefront – can make dandruff history. So give it a go!

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