Pics: Anthony Joshua Is Absolutely HUGE Right Now

For Anthony Joshua, it’s just another day in Dubai, cranking up a warm-weather training and showing off his impressive back muscle bulge on a pull-up exercise video. 

Joshua is apparently taking a break from the winter chill in England to train for his next fight under a warmer climate. The 29-year-old boxing champion shared footage of his intense workout in the heat of Dubai.

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Willing to Fight

The IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight champion is training for his next fight on April 13. Despite his incredible workout, the official opponent has not yet been named.



Regardless of this uncertainty, AJ, alongside close friends who are mostly his personal trainers, showed parts of his workout on Instagram. The Watford native can be seen bulging his back muscles, working on his deadlift and using a resistance band around his ankles.

After his intense session under the heat of the Arab country, allowed his muscles and body to recover with a rewarding ice bath. On an Instagram story, AJ was all smiles while walking into the freezing cold water.

Speaking about the long-planned Wilder showdown with ESPN, Joshua recently condemned the 33-year-old f



Pics: Anthony Joshua Is Absolutely HUGE Right Now Pics: Anthony Joshua Is Absolutely HUGE Right Now

Pics: Anthony Joshua Is Absolutely HUGE Right NowPics: Anthony Joshua Is Absolutely HUGE Right Now

While Wilder is showing no interest in finally fighting Joshua, British fighter Dillian Whyte is keen to have his rematch after losing to his fellow Brit in 2015. For now, the 29-year-old is now having the time of his life with friends in Dubai while still keeping in shape to fight.

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