Anthony Crolla’s Post Fight Urine Sample Shows How Brutal Boxing Can Be

British boxer Anthony Crolla earned himself a chance to recapture the WBA lightweight belt last Saturday but the title shot came at a very expensive price. 

Following his unanimous decision victory over Daud Yordan, the former world champion shared a horrifying snap of his post-fight urine sample, which left fans in disbelief and showed the grim reality in a brutal sport like boxing.

Harsh Reality of Boxing

‘Million Dollar’ fought in front of the home crowd in Manchester Arena last Saturday against an equally talented Indonesian foe for a shot at the WBA lightweight title, which he held from 2015 to 2016.

Crolla did not disappoint his fans but he needed to dig deep into his arsenal to survive a tough Yordan side.  He went on to win the bout via unanimous decision, with all scorecards at 116-112, and earned the right to challenge current WBA lightweight champ Vasyl Lomachenko.

In the wake of victory, the UKAD asked Crolla to submit a urine sample for drug testing. The 31-year old uploaded the result on Instagram and the photo showed what boxers have to go through just to give fans a great show.

Crolla went to an all-out war with Yordan and the shots he absorbed from his Indonesian opponent had an effect on his health and his waste will attest to that. His post-fight urine sample was infused with blood, which was brought up by the muscle damage caused by Yordan’s punches. Check the photo below:

Anthony Crolla's Post Fight Urine Sample Shows How Brutal Boxing Can Be

In medical terms, this condition is referred to as rhabdomyolysis, where the presence of myoglobin gives the urine a tea colour. This can result in nausea, vomiting, confusion, coma or abnormal heart rate and rhythm.

Boxing fans were stunned with this view and lauded athletes for what they put on the line for the purpose of entertainment and personal glory.

“Boxers are different level amazing what they put body through in and outside of ring madness.”

“My word . Don’t ever question the courage of these people. It’s the hardest sport in the world.”

“How fucked is this, take for granted how hard these people are sometimes”

“Wow!! Mad how much these guys actually go through. Warriors.”

“Its got a little bit of blood in it that wee i think. One tough fighter is million dollar crolla”

(Featured Image Source: Anthony Crolla/Instagram)

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