What Anderson Silva Said About Israel Adesanya Comparisons

Israel Adesanya is a rising star in the UFC’s middleweight division who thinks he’s the ‘clone’ of Anderson Silva. He’s been waiting to beat him, however, the ‘Spider’ doesn’t particularly think so. 

Adesanya will welcome Silva back in the Octagon at the co-main event of UFC 234 on February 10 in Australia. 


Looked Up


In a recent interview with Luke Thomas on The MMA Hour, the native of Lagos explained why one of his ultimate goals in mixed martial arts is to fight and defeat Silva. The 29-year-old has also compared this rivalry to “Lebron James getting to face Michael Jordan.”



Not New Version

Silva, on his end, is also excited about his upcoming “amazing” fight against the sixth-ranked middleweight that will “change everything.” However, as far as Adesanya’s comparison is concerned, the former middleweight champion begs to disagree.

Speaking during the press conference of his newly-launched LA gym, the veteran fighter explained:

“Michael Jordan and LeBron and Kobe (Bryant) is the next level. I’m a normal guy, and Israel, too.”

“Israel is a great fighter. I think he’s super talented, he’s young, he has a brilliant future ahead in this sport. I believe he might be a version of him and he’ll become a better version of himself.”

“I believe Israel is not my new version. But I think this fight is very interesting because I believe this is the first time I have the opponent (with) the same style. That’s a good test for my martial arts skills.”


For The Fans

Continuing, Silva brought out why he is still fighting at 43.

“I think everybody is going to see the old Anderson, but more experienced. I don’t have anything to prove. I passed through different moments in the sport. I win, I lose. I have a lot of experience.”

“I am just doing something for my fans. I am so happy to be back to fighting and I’m here. Every day I come to training and say, ‘Thank you, God. Thank you for giving me one more opportunity to do something special.’”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Israel Adesanya and Instagram/Anderson Silva.

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