Alistair Overeem Has An Interesting Message For Derrick Lewis

Weekend’s UFC Beijing has opened a lot of potential matchups for next blockbuster heavyweight fights… including the inevitable pair up between Alistair Overeem and Derrick Lewis. 

After finishing Sergey Pavlovich with huge shots at UFC Fight Night 141 in China, Overeem is calling the attention of recent heavyweight title contender Lewis.

Addressing him as the ‘Hot Balls’ in reference to the Black Beast’s post-UFC 229 interview, the English-born heavyweight is aiming for a match between ‘a technician vs a brawler.’ Taking it to Twitter, Overeem wrote:

“I’m hearing you guys want to see a technician versus a brawler. What do you say Hot Balls?”

Lewis Vs Overeem

The 6th-rank heavyweight representing the Netherlands has a two-fight losing streak prior to destroying Pavlovich over the weekend. He took all his might to Beijing after leaving his formerly-undefeated opponent hopeless on the mat.

Calling himself a ‘technician,’ Overeem’s fighting style is tied to his physical evolution as much as his technical ability. The ‘Demolition Man’ went from a reedy grappler at light heavyweight to a muscle stronger up the 265-lb. division.

Lewis, on the other hand, just suffered a blatant loss to UFC’s pound-for-pound king Daniel Cormier after knocking out Alexander Volkov in October. Unlike most fighters, the promotion’s second-rank heavyweight invested his career on patience and consistency.

His innate punching power and a fair level of durability lifted him up the division’s hierarchy. Despite doubts on his gas tank and wrestling skills, Lewis’ evolved kicks and occasional swinging hooks led him to an esteemed career at heavyweight.

Technician Vs Brawler

Redeeming his classic ‘Ubereem’ game during his Strikeforce days after the fantastic first-round KO of Pavlovich, the “Reem” is at an ideal state to fight Lewis. He can either put the ‘Black Beast’ on his back early and finishes him quick or could get himself surprised with something big before ever getting the chance at his opponent.

Clearly, Overeem acknowledges his craft, variety, and wealth of experience against Lewis who, on the other hand, can also put him at the receiving end of a surprising brutal knockout.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Alistair Overeem and Instagram/Derrick Lewis

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