Team Gustafsson Still Believes Mauler Can Beat ‘Smelly’ Jon Jones

 Despite the second loss, manager Nima Safapour is certain that the Swedish fighter will snatch the third match win.

Take It Like A Man 

Team Gustafsson Still Believes Mauler Can Beat 'Smelly' Jon Jones
Gustafsson talking at the post-fight presscon of UFC 232. (Source: Youtube/UFC)


Despite this humble acceptance of the loss, Gustafsson’s manager is positive in planning his talent’s third showdown with the new light heavyweight king. In a written interview with MMA Junkie, Safapour revealed the future he is looking at for the 31-year-old.

“The plan is to come back stronger than ever. The fight was the fight. We still believe 100 per cent that Alex can beat Jones. Just depends on the day. Anyone can win depending on the circumstances of the fight.”

“It was not our day, but we will come back and get the title in due time either from Jon or whoever else is holding the title at that time. Expect to see ‘The Mauler’ back in action soon.” 

Smells Terrible

In terms of Jones’ past drug test failures, Safapour still casts doubt on the UFC titleholder’s integrity. Continuing, the mixed martial arts manager wrote:

“We hold the same position about Jones as it relates to the doping controversy. Whatever he is doing, it smells terrible.”

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Jon Jones and Instagram/Alexander Gustafsson

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