Pic: Cowboy Oliveira Gets 29 Stitches Courtesy Of Gunnar Nelson’s Elbow

UFC 231 wasn’t spared from a bloody fight almost every card contains; this time it was Gunnar Nelson and 

It was literally a bloodbath for the welterweight pair when Nelson 



After the bloody match, “Cowboy” needed some stitches — and some stitches means 29. The entire fight didn’t entirely work in favour of his opponent. In fact, Nelson suffered an elbow to the head and a solid beating in the closing stage of the first round.

However, t

The impressive grip led the 

The Brazilian mixed martial artist was all smiles while his forehead is getting sewn with a total of 29 stitches.


Came Out Fast

30-year-old Oliveira is one of the most active fighters at welterweight, fighting three times in each of the last two years. He’s coming out of a knockout win against Carlo Pedersoli Jr. in September.

Despite the loss, Oliveira’s opponent admitted that he was impressed at how the Brazilian fighter performed in the opening round. During the post-fight presscon, Nelson explained how he generated a plan to defeat his quick rival.



Featured Image Credit: Instagram/Follow MMA and Twitter/Dustin Barton

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