WATCH: Alex Hernandez Pays The Price For Trash Talking Donald Cerrone

UFC veteran Donald Cerrone gave his younger opponent, Alex Hernandez, a reality check on Saturday night when he destroyed the tough-talking fighter in the preliminaries of the UFC on ESPN+ 1 in Brooklyn, New York. 

Cerrone, a legend of the sport, was called an “insecure little lad” by Hernandez in a pre-fight press conference. The 26-year old also vowed to break “Cowboy” in their lightweight match, but it was the UFC veteran who had the last laugh as he sent Hernandez crashing back to earth last weekend.

Trash Talk Gone Wrong

After two impressive outings, the UFC booked Alex Hernandez for the promotion’s inaugural offering under the ESPN banner, where he faced veteran fighter, Donald Cerrone. While it was an overwhelming opportunity to share the cage with an MMA legend, Hernandez showed little respect to Cerrone during the pre-fight press conference, branding him as a “stepping stone,” a “jester” and “an insecure little lad.”

“It’s just another day. For me, standing across from Cowboy, I’m looking through the fighter. I’m looking at the man. I think the persona and everything is a big distraction. I just see myself facing an insecure little lad, swinging on a pop gun with a feather in his hat,” said Hernandez.

“You’re a jester in the way. You’re an active participant. You’re concerned with entertaining people, I am on the road to the throne. I’m concerned with kingship and you’re a jester. You’re a stepping stone.”

But Hernandez fell flat on his face on Saturday as was he schooled by the UFC veteran he insulted ahead of their 155-clash. “The Great” was knocked down with a powerful head kick in the second round before eating hard punches, which forced the referee to stop the fight.

It was Alex’s first loss in his young career, but more importantly, the defeat taught him an important lesson: run your mouth and back it up.

In the wake of this humiliating loss, a Reddit user made a video of Hernandez’s “MMA trash talk gone wrong” or what fans called as “Poetic Justice for Cowboy.” Watch the clip below:

Lesson Learned

The 26-year old Hernandez has taken to Instagram to reflect on his journey at UFC Brooklyn. He said that he has learned something invaluable from this loss to Cerrone and he also sets his sight on making a return and building his legacy in the future.

“Congratulations Cowboy Cerrone, you taught me something invaluable in defeat. Perhaps the best/worst thing that ever happened to me was a 42-second knockout debut. I go into every fight feeling untouchable and expecting a repeat of the same occurrence. I prepare myself in the moments prior for an execution in the first round and not a fight.

“I need to learn to fight. I need to address my approach. I brought the fight to Cerrone and where he made adjustments, I did not. Experience is a costly bitch. I will not let this go in vain. The triumph of adversity is what makes a man and defines legends. I will be back. And you will know I mean what I say next time you see me. This is good pain.”

(Featured Image Source: YouTube/MMA Fighting and Instagram/Pound for Pound Products)

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