What 41 Celebs Would look Like If They Were Living In The 80’s

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  1. This is hilarious and most of them are really well done. This is totally how the frumpy majority of people look past age 21

  2. Umm yea Funny! And Um ordinary = Fat in this great land of ours the USA, do some research, ☑️out the stats Duh! As for the 80s shit well it’s just as hilariously ridiculous as the day it came out so I vote HISTARICAL INDEED

  3. I think we can safely hazard a guess that the person responsible for this is overweight and comforts him-or-herself with the thought that famous hot people are just fake.

  4. I think they should rename this “What 41 celebs would look like as fat and in the 80’s.” Since when does ordinary mean overweight and outdated?

  5. Why did you make every single one of the them fat, we don’t know that if they were “ordinary” people that they would all be fat?

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