Anderson Silva Says Conor McGregor Is Afraid To Fight Him

Everyone remembers McGregor’s interview where he talked about fights that interest him, one of those being Middleweight legend Anderson Silva. Anyone in their right mind would see this idea as ludicrous and rather far-fetched. Not ‘The Spider’ it seems…

Anderson Silva Says Conor McGregor Is Afraid To Fight Him
Anderson Silva and Conor McGregor seem to be igniting a bit of a rivalry here…

Since McGregor mentioned Silva’s name, Anderson simply cannot stop trying to push for the fight. He really wants this fight.

Anderson Silva is one of MMA’s all-time greats. He was one of the most dominant champions in UFC history at middleweight. His skill was on a completely different level to anyone else’s, much like McGregor in his featherweight days.

We can see why this fight would be fun. But also, why it would be a huge mismatch. Silva is huge compared to McGregor and is used to fighting at 185. Conor has fought at 170 twice.

Initially, Silva proposed the idea of taking on McGregor in a catchweight bout in March of 2016, here we are nearly 2 years later, and Conor is starting to get on the same wavelength. Silva hasn’t fought since February of 2017 due to an issue with USADA and a contaminated supplement.

His latest shot at McGregor was said during his livestream where he mentioned who he wants next. Quotes courtesy of MMA Fighting:

Anderson Silva Says Conor McGregor Is Afraid To Fight Him
Anderson Silva vs. Conor McGregor photoshop by Paulie G

”I’m waiting for the UFC about my next fight, and I’m training hard,”

“I accepted the challenge (from) Conor McGregor, but never (discussed) about this fight (with the UFC). But I’m ready, guys. I’m here, I’m training every day. I never lose my focus. I’m waiting for my next challenge.”

It was the next comment which could start a spark with the Irishman. He said that he thinks McGregor “is afraid to lose, supposedly, to an old man, but I’m here.”

McGregor has yet to respond to any of this but it seems Silva isn’t stopping anytime soon in his campaign to fight ‘The Notorious’ but this isn’t something we might never see happen. If it generates PPV buys, then Dana will more than likely go for it.

Especially if his buddy Conor wants it. If this were to happen would it be bigger than McGregor vs. Khabib?

This all started when McGregor released the following comments prior to UFC 229:

Anderson Silva Says Conor McGregor Is Afraid To Fight Him

“We’ll see what happens, but I don’t think next,” he said. “He (St-Pierre) doesn’t really have anything for me personally. I’m not going to shut the door on that down the line.

You know what would be another great one? Anderson Silva, stated Conor during an interview on the Ariel Helwani MMA Show (Via ESPN).

”I would be interested in an Anderson Silva bout. I swear to God. Anderson is a legend in the game. What’s the difference between him and Georges? Same damn thing. I’m going to do fights that interest me or have meaning.”

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