2Pac’s New Limited Edition Vinyl & Clothing Released For ‘Greatest Hits’ 20th Anniversary

    American rapper, Tupac Shakur, who was considered by many as the greatest rapper of all time, is still making headlines today despite his passing 22 years ago. With his 1998 Greatest Hits album marking its 20th anniversary, the rapper’s estate has teased a new release on Instagram that was scheduled to drop last November 24

    Many fans have expected that it was some new Pac tracks dropping last weekend but it turned out it was a new merchandise release as announced on the rapper’s Instagram account.


    Earlier this month, the 2Pac estate collaborated with Marvel for a nine-piece collection, which includes shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies featuring the two icons. An official from Marvel Licensing said it was “fantastic to co-brand with an influential artist like 2Pac on a new collection of Marvel apparel” as “the intersection of music and Black Panther is a vital part of that property.”

    A week after this new collaboration, 2Pac’s estate uploaded a teaser on social media about a new release as part of the celebration of his Greatest Hits album’s 20th anniversary. 2Pac’s Instagram and Twitter accounts posted a black and white photo of the rapper with 1998 and Saturday 11/24 written on it. The caption said: “Sign up to be the first to know.”

    Though nothing was confirmed, fans went wild and quickly speculated that a new unreleased song could be in the offing. However, the account’s bio featured two links, the “1998 – Be The First To Know” and “NEW APPAREL: 2018 Fall Collection,” which means there is another option aside from a new track.

    Anniversary Collection

    Recently, the estate scored an important legal battle over the royalties for the rapper’s unreleased tracks. This is why expectations were sky-high that some of them will be released on the Greatest Hits album’s 20th birthday.

    But come Saturday, fans were treated with the release of 2Pac’s Greatest Hits Anniversary Collection. These are new products such as vinyl re-issue, strap-back hat, graphic hoodies, and T-shirts, which can now be purchased at 2Pac’s official website. Check this new merch in the post below:

    But wait, there’s more!

    The Greatest Hits compilation on a quadruple vinyl is set to be released next month, which includes popular tracks such as ‘How Do U Want It,’ ‘I Get Around,’ ‘Keep Ya Head Up’, and ‘To Live And Die In LA.’

    (Featured Image Source: Instagram/Tupac)

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