20 Tweets That Prove Deadpool Can’t Be Other Than Ryan Reynolds

    No one at this point can counter the fact that Ryan Reynolds is the perfect star to play Deadpool. After all, it can be considered as his biggest break in acting.

    The psychopath, narcissist, sarcastic and foul-mouthed good guy (yes that is intended to sound ironic) that Deadpool is, is also partly Ryan himself. That’s just my opinion though, I won’t blame you if you think that Ryan Reynolds IS Deadpool, especially after these tweets.

    We both love Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool, but these tweets from the brilliant actor can make us think that they may be one and the same.

    Here are 20 of Ryan Reynold’s tweets to make you think that he did no acting in his Deadpool movies.

    #20 Real-life Hero

    Deadpool, despite mostly causing far more damage and death than he needed to, still sees himself as a hero of the situation. This is never a secret since you will always hear him toot his own horn.

    Ryan, on the other side, is the man who can poke fun at himself while calling himself a hero for being a father. Did you see the resemblance in there?

    #19 Ripping on Himself

    This scene is definitely a Ryan Reynold idea. Despite of having a rollercoaster career in the past, he clearly doesn’t have an issue of reminding us about his major flops just to make us laugh.

    #18 Oil Painting of a Sister

    Who would not confuse this Tweet to be Deadpool’s and not Ryan’s? If you will ask about the best trait that this brilliant actor and his character are similar, that is being absurd.

    #17 Productive Hands

    Except for signing DVDs and Blu-rays the entire day, we all know that Deadpool and Ryan have far more productive things to do with their hands. And that is, fighting the bad guys. What were you even thinking?

    #16 Mere Honesty

    Ryan clearly wants to tell that Deadpool 2 will hopefully be a good movie but probably not a great one. This honesty decreases our expectations so the production can team can exceed them if the movie turns out a great one.

    #15 Some Things are More Important

    Sometimes, people just make some things matter more than they really should.

    #14 Fun Ways to Rob

    Ryan, or Deadpool at that, is apparently the only person who can rob a liquor store with a bagel — and make this comment about LA.

    #13 How to Check Out of a Hotel Deadpool Style

    #12 Irresponsibility is His Middle Name; He Doesn’t Have a Last Though

    This is how you make a character so iconic — create a slogan of your own. Your own version I mean.

    #11 Tinder Misunderstanding

    It’s more of an app to find a kid to babysit together, right Ryan?

    #10 Intimacy Ruined

    Deadpool and Ryan have this clever attitude of incorporating songs with certain situations. Take note, they are completely unnecessary as this one above.

    #9 How Deadpool Greets Mom on Mother’s Day

    This is the Ryan rumour Deadpool accumulated. It can be the other way around though.

    #8 Congratulating with Sarcasm

    Did I say that Deadpool’s middle name is irresponsibility? It’s actually sarcasm. Scratch that.

    #7 Came Back Taller

    Aside from being proud of his hometown, the fact that Ryan called himself as just someone ‘taller’ from his young self and not a man is definitely Deadpool.

    #6 Good-hearted Deadpool for the Children

    Deadpool can be blunt and rude, but he does have a big heart especially for children.

    #5 Disney Honesty

    Let’s be honest, Disney movies, especially the princess films are not mostly pro-parents. So if Deadpool sees his child enjoy these pieces, this tweet from a father is more than necessary.

    #4 Appreciating the Cops

    Deadpool may be a headache for most police, Ryan is the one to appreciate them for their effort on Deadpool and its production needs.

    #3 Life Perspective

    This tweet is clearly meant as a joke, but the sense of perspective explored in it is just admirable.

    #2 Tribute to His Fans

    Ryan is clearly thankful for the fans who support the movie he effortlessly devotes himself in.

    #1 Yelling at Nice People

    This is the best way to yell at nice people though. Deadpool is clearly a narcissist, and seeing his name in The Hollywood Walk as something ‘yelling’ is still a Deadpool trait.

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