31 Ingenious Ways to Use Old Wine Corks

Picture this scenario: You are out for a dinner in an exclusive restaurant, and you order a bottle of wine. The first question the sommelier will ask you is, “Do you want to smell the cork?” You see, just by the smell of the cork, you know whether the wine is good or not.

But that’s if you are a wine expert. If you just want to enjoy a good bottle of wine like I do, without getting too deep into corks and stuff, don’t worry. What I want to show you today is that a wine’s cork can do much more than determine whether the wine is good or not.

So don’t throw wine corks away any more. They can be such an asset in your DIY projects, and you’ll be surprised what can you do with them. The next time you enjoy a bottle or two of wine with your friends, keep the corks!

1. Wine Cork Garland

31 Ingenious Ways to Use Old Wine Corks
Photo: thewoodenbee.com

Originally, garlands were made out of flowers or leaves. They represented a decorative object you put over your neck for festive reasons. But when it comes to festivals, you’re free to do whatever you like. And believe me, a wine cork might look corny at first sight, but once you get used to the fact that you’re wearing wine corks, you’ll be fine. And besides, you want to pay tribute to Dionysus, the Greek god of wine.

2. Wine Cork Place Cards

31 Ingenious Ways to Use Old Wine Corks
Photo: muslinandmerlot.blogspot.com

People in the decorative industry are always looking for the next best thing they can make. I understand that; they have so many events to plan and decorate during the year, they are in dire need of fresh ideas. A while ago, I saw wine cork place cards at a ceremony. I liked it, and inquired how I could make them myself. And there you have it—a DIY project was born!

3. Wine Cork Cheese Knifes 

31 Ingenious Ways to Use Old Wine Corks
Photo: kj.com

Wine and cheese is as classic a combination as they come. It’s like the little black dress of food and wine tasting. You can’t go wrong with wine and cheese for a home party. And if you want to bring that party to the next level, I suggest some wine cork knives.


4. Wine Cork Corkboard

31 Ingenious Ways to Use Old Wine Corks
Photo: everydaydishes.com

We’re now into the school project business. If you have little children at home, this will be one of their favorite projects. Of course, you can’t give them wine to drink (after all, they are too young). But they can help you make a corkboard at home where you can pin notes, assignments, tasks, schedules and everything else.

5. Wine Cork Napkin Rings

31 Ingenious Ways to Use Old Wine Corks
Photo: worthingcourtblog.com

This is another project I discovered at a ceremony. It looks so classy, elegant, sophisticated and sleek. And you don’t have to wait for a wedding to get them. When you throw a dinner party, your guests appreciate the little things, like an elegant napkin ring.

6. Wine Cork Candle Holder

31 Ingenious Ways to Use Old Wine Corks
Photo: twotwentyone.net

Let’s be honest for a moment. Chances are, your candle won’t move left or right or up and down in the jar, bottle or whatever box you put it in. But when you surround it with some wine corks, you get a bit of a romantic feeling. It’s all about enhancing the feeling and ambience of your home.

7. Wine Cork Key Chain

31 Ingenious Ways to Use Old Wine Corks
Photo: morningcreativity.com

For people who lose their keys all the time, this key chain is one of the best things you can come up with. Basically, you’ll feel the cork in your pocket, and you’ll know your key is there also. And it looks fun too.

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