Would You Do It? The 10 Weird Celebrity Diet Tricks for Losing Weight

What does a normal diet and workout regime look like? The simple rule usually starts with eat more protein, reduce your carbs and sugar intake, and try to get a workout done three times per week.

The pounds usually don’t come off as quickly as most of us would like them to. It takes time and effort to get the results we crave. And truth be told, the frustration can sometimes be overwhelming. We feel defeated, and we start looking at other options. Now, imagine the pressure that celebrities feel when they are trying to lose weight, and you might understand why some of them go to drastic measures from time to time to get the results.

The challenges are hardest when celebrities are asked to shed a large number of pounds in few weeks to one month. Drastic measures are required, and you’ll be surprised what they do. These 10 weird diets might look strange to you at first glance, but they all work. You’ll be surprised at the results. However, I have to warn you—it will take everything you have and more to get the job done. Let’s have a look.

Vitamins and Supplements: Adriana Lima

Would You Do It? The 10 Weird Celebrity Diet Tricks for Losing Weight
Photo: luxtogo.com

When you are a Victoria’s Secret angel and a model, you have to look your absolute best at all times. That is why models like Adriana Lima turn to a specific diet and healthy food plan that doesn’t last for a few weeks or so. Instead, her diet plan is now part of her lifestyle.


Lima turns to vitamins and supplements to get the job done. She consumes vitamins and supplements throughout the whole year, but in the two weeks before a fashion show, she takes matters to an extreme level. At this point, the Victoria’s Secret model consumes only supplements and vitamins. On the day of the fashion show, Adriana stops drinking shakes with supplements so she doesn’t look bloated. And if you think that the two weeks leading up to the show are hard, the day itself is even harder. She doesn’t eat or drink anything during the day. The goal is to dehydrate her body so she can look slim and sexy.

Now, what supplements and vitamins does she take? Let’s start off with some omega-3 capsules, and then some multivitamins with B2, zinc, and antioxidants. She combines these with green vegetables and lots of protein. Omega-3 fats are essential for our body, as they help absorption of vitamins like A, D, E and K. The problem is our body doesn’t produce omega-3, so we need to supplement it. You can also try Chlorella, a green algae that is another supplement Victoria’s Secret models use. But not Lima. It is a favorite of Miranda Kerr.

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