Make The Most Irresistibly Healthy Crockpot Meals With These 26 Recipes

Healthy crockpot meals

Don’t let single life, or the dynamic and busy workdays rob you of delicious meals. Whip one of these delicious and amazing meals. You can prepare them and cook them on the weekend, and then have some leftovers for days when you don’t feel like cooking. Now, how does that sound? Include these meals in your regular cooking rotation, and you’ll never feel hungry again.


Cooking in the crockpot (slow cooker) is easy, simple, and doesn’t rob you of healthy nutrients from the food you consume. Why be busy cooking, when you can have tons of free time to do whatever you like? A crockpot makes it all possible. Without further ado, I present you 30 delicious and easy recipes for your crockpot meal.

1. Slow cooker chicken shawarma

This is the real deal. And I mean that. Seriously, this is probably the best easy and simple sandwich chicken recipe you’ll find anywhere. Spiced and juicy chicken, enriched with some Mediterranean toppings make for a great on-the-go meal.

Slow cooker chicken shawarma


2. Slow cooker lentil shepherd’s pie

Meat and mashed potato, those are two ingredients that can make magic happen. And all in your crockpot. The traditional shepherd’s pie can get a crockpot makeover. Don’t wait longer, get it done. And there is nothing better than leftovers from a tasty meal. So don’t be afraid to make more.

Slow cooker lentil shepherd’s pie


3. Slow cooker chicken taco lettuce wraps

Hey, do you know you can make a taco without even using a taco or a tortilla? You don’t believe me? What if I told you that lettuce can substitute a tortilla? You believe me now? Check it out!

Slow cooker chicken taco lettuce wraps


4. The smoothest crockpot hummus

Hummus is definitely an easy way to get your dinner in a healthy way. Some people love hummus even for lunch, but I wouldn’t go as far. I like to get more calories from my lunch, but when it comes to dinner, smooth, light and easy is the way to go. Enter hummus!

The smoothest crockpot hummus


5. Crockpot sweet potato chili

Sweet potato has to be one of my favorite vegetables. I like the sweetness of it, and I love the versatility. You can throw it in anything you think of. And when it comes to chili, sweet potato helps you get that perfect sweet and sour combination you crave for.

Crockpot sweet potato chili


6. Crockpot garnitas with pineapple salsa

A dinner prepared mostly by a machine is always a welcome addition. Most crockpot meals fall into the “comfort food” category, and this is not an exception. However, what I like to do with comfort food is give it a little twist by adding refreshing sauces and salsas. This pineapple salsa checks that box.

Crockpot garnitas with pineapple salsa


7. Cranberry oatmeal

Look, I know you can just use raw oatmeal, add some milk and cranberries, and you’ll be ready to go for breakfast. But when you want creamier breakfast ,with a nutty flavor and touch, this recipe might come in handy. And you can make enough oatmeal for the whole family.

Cranberry oatmeal


8. Twice baked sweet potatoes with sausage and pepper jack

We all love two in one, three in one stuff. Like, coffee, three in one Nescaffe has to be one of the best coffees. And when it comes to recipes, there are also three in one dishes you can try. For example, here you’ll find three ways how to serve sweet potatoes. The basis is simple, sweet potatoes stuffed and baked in crockpot, but the serving is different.

Twice baked sweet potatoes with sausage and pepper jack


9. Crockpot chicken and broccoli

If you didn’t know chicken and broccoli is one of the most common meals body builders eat. The reason is simple, chicken is cheap way to get more protein, and broccoli is one of the most potent vegetables on the market. But you don’t have to be a body builder in order to enjoy the benefits of this healthy and nutrient dense meal.

Crockpot chicken and broccoli



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