31 Awkward And Funny Sex Moments From Big Bang Theory

One of the best aspects of the Big Bang Theory is the way the show addresses sex. The whole point of the series is to show that not all people are equally socially skilled. Some of us can be geniuses in our respected field of work, but when it comes to social games, social events, or even talking to other people, we might experience issues.

The Big Bang Theory addresses the problem in a weird, but very specific way. And when it comes to sex, the show has evolved from weird jokes about coitus, to actually having one between all core characters. We even witnessed Sheldon having sex, albeit everything happened off screen. That being said, let’s revisit some of the best sex moments of the show so far. These can include quotes, explanations, sex scenes and much more. Fasten your seatbelt and let’s go.

1. Sheldon tells Leonard helping doesn’t guarantee sex (s1/e2)

31 Awkward And Funny Sex Moments From Big Bang Theory
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At the very beginning of the show, we get to see the nerdy talk between these two brilliant scientists. Penny asks Leonard to help her move some furniture, and Leonard accepts at the very moment. Sheldon, on his part, tries to explain Leonard that helping Penny won’t increase his chances for having sexual intercourse later. And he does it in such a scientific way, it is weird and funny at the same time.

2. Leslie lists scientific benefits of sex (s1/e5)

31 Awkward And Funny Sex Moments From Big Bang Theory
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Through the course of season one, all of the guys except Sheldon gets laid. Leonard does it first with Leslie Winkle, a colleague at work. She seduces him, but later explains she wanted only a one-night stand because of the scientific benefits of sex. Which, as per her explanation, are bonus hormones like dopamine, serotonin and others.

3. Sheldon compares sex to video games (s1/e7)

31 Awkward And Funny Sex Moments From Big Bang Theory
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For Sheldon, the road from understanding sex, to actually having one is long. He fails to understand the lust and craving for sex early on. Sheldon thinks of sex as “something people must have to reproduce, but he is not accepting it”. Anyway, in the 7th episode of the first season, Howard hooks up with Penny’s friend, leaving the boys a man short for playing Hallo. And when Sheldon and company go to convince him to come back, Leonard asks Sheldon “Are you sure you are going to ask him to choose between Hallo and sex”? Sheldon replies, “No, I am going to ask to choose between Hallo 3 and Sex”. Apparently Hallo 3 has much better graphics.

4. Sheldon asks Stephanie was she satisfied (s2/e10)

31 Awkward And Funny Sex Moments From Big Bang Theory
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In season 10, Leonard hooks up with a doctor, a girl Sheldon likes and is finally acceptable of his roommate female companion. So, he makes sure that Leonard doesn’t “screw up” the relationship. In episode 10, after Leonard and Stephanie had sex, he makes sure to ask the doctor whether she was satisfied by Leonard’s performance.


Sheldon: Good morning, Dr. Stephanie. I trust Leonard satisfied you sexually last night?

Leonard: Oh come on! Sheldon, we don’t ask questions like that.

Sheldon: I heard you ask it over and over! How is it inappropriate for me to ask it once?

Stephanie: He did very nicely.

Sheldon: See? She’s not offended. And now you finally have an answer.

5. Penny knows Howard’s girlfriend (s2/e16)

31 Awkward And Funny Sex Moments From Big Bang Theory
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Penny is always joking with the guys, be it Raj, Leonard, Wolowitz or Sheldon. And while her scenes with Sheldon are absolute best, she thrives also with other characters. For example, in this episode, Howard is dating Leslie. But Penny has a different explanation for Wolowitz’s booty call.

*Wolowitz checks his Caller ID*.
Wolowitz: Ooh, looks like I’m gonna have sex tonight. (answers) Hey, baby…
Penny: His right hand is calling him?

6. Howard is always serious (s2/e20)

31 Awkward And Funny Sex Moments From Big Bang Theory
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There is one thing that Howard never jokes about. Or two, if you want to be exact. Providing some stereotype for engineers, Howard replies “I’m a horny engineer, Leonard. I never joke about math or sex” when Leonard asks him about women.

7. Raj compares sex to Harry Potter (s3/e2)

31 Awkward And Funny Sex Moments From Big Bang Theory
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Much of the humor in the series comes from movies like Harry Potter, Star Trek, Star Wars, Marvel movies, DC movies and much more. But the best part is when the guys compare things in their real life with the movies they love. So when Leonard and Penny hit a rough patch after a not so good night together, Raj weighs on it.

Wolowitz: I think that you and Penny had a poor night.
Leonard: It wasn’t poor. It was … just fine.
Raj: Dude, the fourth Harry Potter movie was just fine.

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